Portrait My Pet has been awarded as the Most Innovative International Pet Portraits Business by The Perfect Gift Awards

Portrait My Pet has been awarded as the Most Innovative International Pet Portraits Business by The Perfect Gift Awards

27 September 2022

Portrait My Pet is a fun and simple method to have an individual pet portrait made of your beloved pet. Pets touch our hearts and become integral part of our family. Our pets are our best friends but rarely do we see their image captured in a photograph. You can now easily make an image of your pet’s image to display on your wall or give as a present to your family members and acquaintances.


We’re a female group of artists who want to help people to discover the art of their daily lives. From adorable pets to gorgeous family photos, we’re looking to bring the most memorable of your personal experiences to everyday.
Portrait My Pets clients are at the center of our business, which is why we will always make sure your portrait exactly how you would like it to be. We will make any changes required until we’ve captured your pet’s image perfectly.


Our top artist captures your dog’s unique character in the most beautiful work of art. We employ top-quality products to guarantee that each portrait is of the highest quality. Each portrait is designed by a skilled artist who specializes in portraiture. The result is an art work that can be treasured for a long time to be.


Our portraits are available on four different formats including Canvas with mounting kit framed , unframed premium poster , as well as a beautiful ceramic cup.

We are open to custom designs. Get in touch with us regarding your requirements and we’ll create an exquisite portrait that will endure forever.

When you receive our photo or design, we would love to receive a photo with your pet . You can also write a review on our Facebook page.

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