Best Tools To Learn Online Coding For Kids

Best Tools To Learn Online Coding For Kids

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24 September 2022

Teaching coding to kids is no longer challenging as several apps are available to ease the teaching process. The current generation is in close contact with the internet and evolving technology. Hence, teaching through digital apps or digital tools is a smart way of engaging the kids while learning to code.


Skool Of Code offers online coding for kids to improve their program-solving skills. The online portal also provides several accessible sources to make kids excel in coding. You can select the best start to make your kid learn to code.


Different Online Tools For Kids To Learn To Code:


The technological evolution explains well the importance of online coding for kids and its benefits in strengthening their future. Here are some of the online tools that explain well to teach coding to kids. The tools include


  1. Scratch


Scratch is currently applied in schools worldwide and is the most familiar coding app for kids. It is a free app available online and is suitable for working with Android and iOS platforms. ScratchJr is another version of the app that helps in teaching coding to kids in the 5 to 7 age group.


Elementary students and teenagers can use the standard version of the app to learn to code. Scratch used the visual blocks and dropped them on a workspace to establish logical chains. It, in turn, helps children understand the basic principles of coding. The app is famous for its learning materials, instructional guides and discussion forums.


  1. Kodable


Kodable is another popular app for kids and is suitable for iPhone and iPad but not for the Android version. The paid pro version of Kodable allows the users to access more features and is an app ideal for kids of all age groups. It is an app that teaches beyond the basic level, focusing on the complex coding story.


It is an app that features instructional lessons so that the users can avail of an experience and comprehend it without additional support. The app has instructional materials, a list of related vocabulary words and other extra materials.


  1. Tynker


Tynker is one of the free coding applications available online, and the app suits web and iOS devices. It includes an option of the paid premium upgraded version that can teach more features of coding.


The app is suitable to use by all age groups of kids, and it is similar to Scratch in some aspects. The app has several features, and it uses puzzles and games to engage the kids. The app offers lessons; study materials, story-based challenges, and learning modules that help you learn Javascript and Python.


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  1. Daisy The Dinosaur


Daisy, The Dinosaur, is free of cost programming app applicable for iPad and iPhone, and it is an app specifically designed for kids from 4 to 7 age groups. It has a user-friendly interface and includes limited features suitable for beginners. The app provides the most comprehensive and easy grasp introduction to the programming world for young kids.


It uses the functions like conditions and loops, allowing the kids to avoid memorizing the terminologies, but it focuses on logical application. Kids can use this app with simple drag-and-drop commands.


  1. Lightbot


Lightbot is not a free application but a paid application that includes several advanced options. The specific app is designed for kids aged 4 to 13 and is the more challenging programming app used by fast learners. The app begins with the more manageable levels and reaches the advanced classes that remain challenging for the learners.




All these tools help teach online coding for kids right from the simple to the advanced levels. You can select the tools based on the kid’s age group, and we teach coding using tools to familiarize the child with the advanced coding features.


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