The experience of playing cards will definitely help you become a master at Kubet.

The experience of playing cards will definitely help you become a master at Kubet.
23 May 2022

Experience playing cards is definitely what many people lack in this fascinating game. Many generations of Vietnamese people have definitely loved Bai. The article is still preserved and developed until modern times.

With reasonably complex gameplay with 120 cards divided into many different types. The following report of Kubet will guide you through the experience of playing cards to help you become a master.

What is a sure thing? How to play

The shield is a folk game using a 120-card deck, in which the cards will be divided into different types, including Nhi, Tam, Qua, Ngu, Luc, That, Bat, Cuu, and Chi. Accordingly, Chi is not classified, and the remaining leaves will be divided into 3 substances, including Van, Van, and Book.

According to the rules of the number, the table consists of a maximum of 4 people and a minimum of 2 people, each person will be dealt 19 cards, and the remaining cards will be placed in the middle, called Venom.

Experience playing cards effectively.

In the beginning, the card will be divided into 5 parts. After being dealt, it will take 5 odd cards to combine into any part of the card to make Venom. Next, randomly draw 1 heavy card, face up in any of the remaining 4 cards.

To determine which hand the player receives, the first player must draw cards. Next, players will have to arrange cards in the following form: Sure, card, three-headed, lame.

  • Shield: 2 identical cards.
  • Cards: 2 cards of the same number and different suits.
  • Three heads: 3 cards of the same number but a different suit.
  • Lazy: The odd pieces are called lame pieces

Then each player can only perform the following actions after their turn:

  • Lead door: Your door is given priority to eating from left to right.
  • Venom: Draw 1 leaf from the Venom and place it face down in the lead door.
  • Eat: The bottom card matches the card in hand to form a barrier or a card.
  • Chiu: The player with 3 identical cards under the mat has one more card of the same and can take the card under the card even if that piece is picked or beaten by anyone…
  • Ù: When your 19 cards match with 1 card, you have just drawn from Venom into 10 sets, of which there are at least 6 barriers.

The rules of playing cards are sure – how to eat cards and throw garbage

The player’s playing cards and trashing must comply with the following conditions:

  • Priority for sure: When eating 1 card and the player’s hand has that card, he must eat the card to block.
  • Ban on blocking: If the player has 1 barrier in his hand, do not play away both cards of the barrier in the game.
  • The rule of discarding is sure: If you eat or discard, don’t eat a single card; After that, they are not allowed to play that card as garbage. If you have played a card, you cannot play that card again.
  • Eat and choose cards: If you have a card in your hand in a particular row, Do not eat in the same row.
  • Eat and gamble: If a player has already played a card, he must not play 2 cards of a card in his hand as garbage. If you have played away both cards of a card in your hand as garbage, you can’t play cards later and can only eat for sure.
  • Prohibit eating and waiting: When there is 1 trash left, the player can only eat it, not be eaten.

How is the quiz scored?

The winnings will usually depend on the hands of the buzzing player. Whereby:

  • Ù through Ù previous game and this game buzzing again – 3 points 1 translation.
  • Ù lead: The buzzing card is the card the player picks up – 3 points 1 translation.
  • Heavens: The first mover draws 20 cards with enough strength and cards – 3 points 1 translation.
  • Shrimp: The card has a bowl of books, nine thousand, and a chi card – 4 points 1 translation.
  • Leo: Cards with bowls of books, nine ten thousand and chi cards – 5 points, 2 translations.
  • Bach Thu: Ù with exactly 6 blocks and when waiting for buzz; only waiting for precisely one piece of buzzing – 4 points 1 point.
  • Bai Thu ù chi: Ù Bai Thu with chi card – 6 points 3 translation.
  • Thien Khai: When the card is drawn with 4 identical cards – 5 points 3 translation.
  • Chiu: The card is drawn with 3 of the same cards and can eat the remaining cards – 5 points 2 translation.
  • Bon: Eat 2 shields to form 4 identical cards – 5 points 2 translations.
  • Bach Dinh: Ù with 20 black cards – 7 points, 4 translations.
  • Eight red: Ù with 8 red cards, 12 black cards – 8 points, 5 translations.
  • Glass of limbs: Ù with 4 stems and 16 black trees – 12 points, 9 translations.
  • Ten cities: Ù with 10 barriers – 12 points 9 translations.

At this point, you must have somewhat understood what a card is and how to play and experience it to win when playing this game. The card is certainly not challenging to play, but to play well, you must understand the game’s rules and have a flexible strategy.

Experience bluffing to gain an advantage when playing Poker

It is a fact that you cannot always get good cards when playing Poker Online. You can turn the tide to your advantage by robbing your opponent of a large pot you would have obtained by bluffing. This article, Ku casino, will clarify for you to know what a bluff is and how to experience a Bluff when playing Poker. What is Bluff? Experience bluff to gain the advantage when playing Poker

As a true poker player, you will know when to bluff. However, in addition to winning the pot bluff, it also gives you many more advantages.

First: Create an airy player image

When playing Poker, if players constantly bluff their opponents, they will notice it and will bet every time the player tries. Bluff by their constructed image. At this point, they will start playing with bad cards and will give you more money when you bet with good hands.

Second: Inhibiting the opponent and angry psychology

This way of playing inhibits the opponent and pushes them into an angry, difficult-to-control mentality. When you successfully bluff your opponent and show your opponent the card. When it comes to psychological weakness, the more impatient an opponent becomes and falls into a tilt, the more money they will lose and the more they will try to get their money back. This state is called “playing on tilt.” However, this move should not be repeated because angering the opponent too much will be beneficial and harmful, leading to bad situations when the game ends.

The bluff advantages are all beneficial to you when playing Poker. Your opponent sees you as an open player, which puts them at ease and will help you make more profits. Because the opponent will think that you do not have winning cards and fall into subjective psychology.

When is the best time to bluff?

If you intend to bluff, you must choose the right moment when your opponent folds. However, to know when to fold, you must have the skill to judge. This comes from the ability to practice; start from the smallest, and more and more, you will create your own skills.

There is no set rule for bluffing. That’s what players need to know. Because every game is different. This skill is mainly based on the ability of each person to judge, and depending on the given situation, each player has their own style and is based on information obtained from the opponent’s own play.

Identify situations to Bluff.

The Bluff will likely be more successful than other positions if you’re at the bottom of the table. The player in the last position can observe the opponent’s psychological development quite nicely and have a better time judging. It could signify that they don’t have a strong hand; this is your chance to bet and raise the pot.

When the player raises preflop, if you submit preflop and miss on the flop, you can still win the pot if you keep betting; Your opponent will most likely not call unless they have the most potent wards or medium strength pairs.

When your opponent has a small stack, they usually won’t raise unless they hit good cards on the flop. You need to be careful; Very rarely do opponents with short stacks simply call them to fold or push all in. As you play for a long time, you will know when your opponent folds rather than all-in based on their available stacks.

When you are playing cards, if you don’t have the strongest card but are waiting for a card to get the box or the lobby, you can still call a semi-bluff. You can still win if the following cards improve your hand if you call. But if you get re-raised, be prepared to put your hand down unless you have the correct pot odds to call.

Remember, you don’t have to bluff your opponent to win when your cards are all good. These are just bluff experiences to gain an advantage when playing Poker, so you can learn more valuable things when playing Poker at Kubet.


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