Tips to Set Your Video Conference Lighting for Looking Good

Tips to Set Your Video Conference Lighting for Looking Good

23 September 2022

Video conferencing is becoming more common. It has a lot of positive effects on productivity and quality of life. But it doesn’t do a very good job of making you look good in the frame. When the lighting is bad, you usually look tired, uninterested, or even sick. In this post, you will find some tips on how to set up the video conference lighting to make it look good. 

How People Use Video Conference Lighting 

Using natural light is the fastest and cheapest way to improve the lighting for a video conference. We all know that sunshine is good for our health, especially when we have to stay inside for long periods of time. In addition, it has a big effect on how you look in a video conference. 

If you want to spend some money to make the conference lighting better but don’t want to spend too much, replacing your lightbulbs is a good option. You should make sure that all of the bulbs are the same color so that the color temperature is the same wherever you are. 

Most of the time, a ring light or zoom light is a popular product in beauty videos and on TikTok. When you use the ring light for a video conference, make sure to angle it a little to the side or up or put it a little farther away. Otherwise, it will make your eyes and glasses shine because of the reflection. 

More ways to improve your appearance with video conference lighting 

There are some tips you can use to make yourself look better. We summarize some rules for you to follow. 

  1. No matter what source of light you use, you are supposed to point it at your face. That is, make sure that the source is not coming from the side or the back. If you don’t, your face will be poorly lit, or worse; you’ll just be a silhouette. 
  2. Make the lights come from all around you. This is the best light for video conferencing, but most homeworkers don’t choose it. If you do want to build a home setup for your video conference, make sure the speakers are pointing directly down at you and are behind your camera. To create appropriate depth and shadow, tilt your light so that it faces you at a right angle. 
  3. Find the right angles. If you want your laptop to be higher, use books or a laptop stand. Moreover, rather than looking at yourself try looking into the camera. This makes your conversation with the other person more natural. 


1: Why use LED video conference lights? 

The latest technology is LED. Compared to traditional incandescent lights, it has many advantages. It is smaller and much more sturdy. It also saves energy because it lasts longer and can work at much lower voltages but still shines brightly. 

All of these qualities make them good ingredients for video conference light. It is bright enough to illuminate your face and body. Also, you can change the brightness and color temperature to fit your needs. 

2: How to make your LED panel light softer? 

When you use an LED light panel for a video conference, soft light is better for your appearance. Normal practice is to use a softbox umbrella, reflector, or diffuser. But this isn’t so easy and practical if you want to use it for video conferencing. So here’s an easy way to solve the problem. 

So, the white wall becomes the source. A big part of the wall reflects light, so light comes from all directions. This is the kind of light we call “soft light.” It helps smooth out the shadows so that you look lively in the photo. 

It also doesn’t matter if your wall is painted in bright colors. Cover the wall with a big sheet of white paper or something else white, and you can use the same trick as above.

Hence, follow these ways to set your video conference lighting! 


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