Works in a Kitchen Hood by Super Asia

Works in a Kitchen Hood by Super Asia

23 September 2022

The Super Asia kitchen hood purifies the air in the kitchen from harmful pollutants and recirculates clean air. Its 2-speed copper motor and ball bearing reduce the unpleasant smells in the kitchen. It also keeps the kitchen surface clean. Its exhausting powers are effective enough to eliminate odors and stains.

Purifies the air

A kitchen hood with a built-in air purifier can help improve the quality of air in your home. Not only does it improve breathing, it also creates a more calm environment for your entire family. Whether you have young children, elderly relatives, or sensitive individuals, the right air purifier is essential.

One of the best air purifiers to buy is one that features a HEPA filter. It can capture 99% of allergens as small as two microns. However, this feature isn’t as effective against a wide variety of pollutants. The filters of such units can be easily replaced with new ones, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing an expensive unit each time you need to replace a filter.

Works in a kitchen

Works in a kitchen by Super Asia is a company that manufactures many different types of home appliances. This brand is known for its commitment to the welfare of its workers. They are involved in various societal and charitable activities as well as fund numerous NGOs in the country. Besides, they also own a hospital in the country that provides care for its employees.


If you are looking for a high-quality, durable kitchen hood, look no further than the SHD520 from Super Asia. It features triple-speed touch control positions, a steel filter, and an aluminum net. Its touch panel is also equipped with smoke sensors to help you detect and prevent smoke.


Super Asia kitchen hood comes with many features that can help you in cooking. These features include a durable stainless steel baffle filter and an LED display control panel. They also offer great lighting and have a single 1000 CFM blower. This is enough for most Asian cooking needs.

Super Asia 125M Gas Kitchen Hob

If you are in the market for a new gas kitchen hob, look no further than a Super Asia 125M model. This unit features a safety system, an oval heating zone, and a wide body design. It also comes with five burners. These features are sure to please a wide range of cooks.

Easy to clean

Super Asia has created an easy-to-clean kitchen hob that is both multifunctional and affordable. This stove features a five-burner Italian SABAF burner and heavy-duty metal construction. It also has an innovative flame failure safety feature. Another nice feature of this stove is the scratch-resistant glazing that makes it easy to clean. Super Asia has one of the largest ranges of goods available in the local market, and its range of kitchen appliances are both well-made and offer good value for money.

For halogen, induction, and ceramic hobs, you’ll need to use a special cream cleaner. This cleaner removes food deposits and burnt-on food from the surface of your stove. It can be applied to the hob surface using a damp cloth. After cleaning, buffing with a soft cloth is recommended.


Super Asia offers an energy-efficient kitchen hob that is both reliable and easy to use. This kitchen appliance has a high-quality design and an oval heating zone, which makes it suitable for cooking large cuts of meat. It is also affordable, durable, and easy to install. Super Asia kitchen hobs also have a safety system to protect against fire.

Super Asia is a leading brand in Pakistan and has a diverse range of goods. Its goal is to make Pakistan proud by providing quality goods for the home market. Installation takes only a few hours and is well within budget.

Safety system

A gas kitchen hob with a safety system is a great option for small kitchens. This model comes with a safety system that prevents flammable liquids from leaking onto the surface of the hob. Its wide body design allows it to fit into smaller kitchens. It is also easy to install.

The IQcook technology in the Super Asia hob helps you to control power levels and cooking progress with ease. It also features built-in IQsensors that detect lid openings during cooking. This innovative feature maximizes energy efficiency while optimizing the cooking process. The Super Asia hob is available in two cooking modes: conventional and induction.

The Super Asia three-ring burner offers flexibility when cooking large cuts of meat. Its oval heating zone provides extra space for large pans. This high-quality appliance is multifunctional and offers a large control panel for easy operation. It has an Orkli flame safety device for your safety and peace of mind. It also features an 8mm tempered glass top with certification from international labs. Another great feature of this kitchen hob is its integrated battery ignition. It is also very easy to clean and is scratch-resistant.


Super Asia is one of the best brands in Pakistan when it comes to kitchen appliances. Its affordable price and quality products have made it popular among consumers. Its products are made with high-quality materials and can help you make your kitchen more efficient. Super Asia Kitchen Hobs are easy to install and are available at a great price in Pakistan.

The Super Asia Kitchen Hob features five preset cooking modes and comes with an IQcook technology. This technology uses IQ sensors that are installed into the lid of the pan. If the lid is opened while cooking, the IQ sensors will alert the cook with an acoustic signal. This feature will optimize energy consumption, allowing you to cook more efficiently and save money at the same time. The Super Asia Kitchen Hob is also available as a conventional cooker.

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