Facts to Know About AGA Flue

Facts to Know About AGA Flue

22 September 2022

For more than 100 years, AGA has been carrying life to the house. They comprehend the significance of home, family, and companions. Depending on the commercial activity you want to develop in a building or premises. A system with a smoke outlet to the outside is mandatory to guarantee indoor air quality.

The regulations classify the quality of the extraction air. When the air is contaminated with smoke, regardless of building use.
Five Facts About AGA Flue Installation

1. The airflow

Service premises’ exhaust air flow must be at least two dm 3 /s per m 2 of floor area. Kitchens, car parks, smoking rooms, and chemical laboratories are all places that need AGA installation.

2. Fume extraction

Smoke extraction through the use of AGA Flue Installation is the best solution. To guarantee the healthiness of the air in your space.

3. Fire resistance

The fire resistance must be one hour for the smoke extraction when it comes to ventilation. The resistance must be identical to the partitioning element. This is intended to ensure that the pipes can continue functioning in the event of a fire.
In this way, they continue to evacuate the polluted air from the combustion gases. They also go on without losing their tightness. The key to ensuring smoke extraction depends on the design of the collection element. You use AGA Flue systems because they are very efficient and sensitive to tracing.

4. Placing it at the source

In the field of smoke extraction, extraction efficiency decreases with distance. So the suction device must be placed as close as possible to the source of smoke emission. But, at the same time, said smoke extraction installation must be enclosed. To make sure that the amount of polluted air that has to be sucked in is less. The inertial forces themselves will also be used to ease the collection of fumes.

5. It avoids leak flows

The design of the space for proper ventilation. As well as, smoke extraction is basic for the system to be efficient. Because of that, AGA Flue systems are recommended. Because they reduce the required airflow and concentrate the exhaust. The function is to distribute the suck flow evenly to avoid leaks of contaminated air.
AGA Flue Installation

Here are some answers to questions most people have about AGA

But what is Flue

There is a huge difference between common chimneys and Flue AGA. The flue is a pipe to exhaust gases from your fireplace, boiler, and furnace. Today every AGA system needs a flue. Because they come with extractor fans that take the smell outside the property. There are two types of flues.

  1. Conventional Flues
  2. Powered Flues

Requirements for AGA to extract smoke

As mentioned before, Flue AGA can have a dual function. It can be used as a smoke and smell extractor. Besides, once the fumes have been captured correctly. It is also necessary to ensure the transport of the contaminated air. The speed must be enough to prevent the suspended particles contained in the smoke. From being deposited inside the duct. But, it should not be so high. To generate load losses and excessive vibrations. Also, to remove unwanted noise levels.

At what time should you install an AGA Flue

Typically the best opportunity to introduce the AGA. Is not long before the kitchen units are fitted. This is normally after any structure and plastering work has been finished. You can also install AGA after the floor has been laid.

How long does it take

Your hired professional will be expertly prepared. They will be licensed for your installs and replacements. The installation will need close to five hours from arrival. Know that it can be chaotic with the free-fill vermiculite protection.

Aga Servicing Shropshire

If you live in Shropshire, you know the need for AGA is necessary, as is the case with most places in the UK. A fireplace is a must in every house in the country. There are so many companies that are offering Aga Servicing Shropshire for many needs. Aga Range Cookers are the most common item installed in many households.
When getting your Aga Range Cooker into your kitchen, there are parts to ponder. It is an extremely intriguing time when installing AGA equipment. Installing the equipment nearby is like a major puzzle. You must consider the right levels, unblemished seals, and viable general activity.
Know that most professionals you hire in Shropshire will be well prepared. There are a lot of services you can explore in the city to fulfill your AGA need.


AGA Flue Installation is a need that is just hard to ignore. Besides being convenient, they last longer than regular chimneys in most houses.

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