Electronic POS system everything you need to know before getting One

Electronic POS system everything you need to know before getting One

22 September 2022

To put it into simple terms, an electronic point of sale system is the setup that you see in any retail establishment during checkout. Sure, it works as a cash register to help with payment, but a modern point of sale system does a lot more than just accept payment. In this article, we’ll take a look into the salient features of an electronic POS system, and whether you should get one for your small retail business.

Features of a retail POS system:

A POS system literally helps you in every step of your retail business. The best POS system for small businesses should have these important features:

  • Invoicing for all kinds of transactions

Processing, recording, and maintaining data on all kinds of transactions is a necessary feature for an electronic POS system. And when we say transaction, we don’t mean just the retail sales made to customers. Rather, your POS system should be able to process and record all monetary transactions between you and the wholesale supplier, purchase orders, consignments, etc. Moreover, in order to keep accurate track of all your expenses, your POS system should process expenses related to repairs, delivery charges, rentals, and so on. The POS system should be apt to prepare invoices for all the above-mentioned transactions as well.

  • Order management for both customers and suppliers

Order management is a critical task for any retail establishment. So, a POS system should make it easier for you. The best POS system for retail like Hana POS can manage orders for both customers and suppliers simultaneously. When your retail shop makes a sale, the POS system promptly records it into the system. It should also keep records of your orders that you place for your suppliers so that you don’t over or under order products and items from them.

  • Inventory management

Inventory management is another extremely important feature of a POS system. Hana Retail, one of the best POS system available in the market, keeps an accurate track of all the products and items available in your inventory in real time. Whenever a sale is made, it is immediately recorded into the system and the inventory information is also updated simultaneously. So, when it’s time to place order to the suppliers, you know exactly what to order and in what quantity. Besides, when a product runs out of stock, it gets updated into the system and prevents customers from ordering out of stock items and create disappointments.

  • Monitoring and preparing reports on sales

Monitoring sales and using the data to optimize your sales endeavors is a task that is highly critical and complex. But an electronic POS that’s worth investing in can do it with elan. We already know that POS systems record all sales data in real time. Then it uses those sales data to prepare reports on sales. It lets you know which departments and which products are performing well, and which ones are doing that great. You can then update and optimize your sales strategies, choose to remove a product line, or introduce newer ones.

  • Customer data management

A POS system also records and upkeeps data related to customers. For example, it knows what kinds of products Mr. A has purchased in his last 3 visits to your shop. Based on this, the POS system helps you to personalize the promotional email that you plan to send him, and include products that he’s most likely to be interested in. besides, it also reduces redundancy for customers. It doesn’t require to ask about the customer’s information every time he/she visits your store. Instead, it can just look into the records and find that out.

  • Employee management

Employee management is also made easy with electronic POS systems. Through the POS system, you can schedule the duty timings among your employees in an optimized way that keeps your store running smoothly. You can record login and logout time of employees and keep track of their activities. Leaves and vacation data are also maintained by POS, and payroll, incentives, and bonuses are also managed by POS system’s employee management feature.

So, now you can see that a POS system like Hana literally helps in all departments of your retail business. And the best part is, relying on a software means it’s nearly error-free. Get Hana Retail POS for your store now and experience the difference!

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