How to use TikTok for Business?

How to use TikTok for Business?
20 September 2022

Many wonder if TikTok will be the new social network of the moment.

Some say yes. Others refuse to believe this.

Yesterday for 5 hours I did what any social media professional should do: I tried to find out what happens there and how it can be used, mainly for business.

And I confess I was surprised. It’s really easy to get followers on TikTok, especially following these tips: Comprar seguidores no TikTok

The first objection people have is that the social network has only children and teenagers.

Yes, it is almost 100% true, as we will see throughout the text.

But let’s do a memory exercise.

When Instagram started, who was there? Teens.

And Facebook? Teenagers…

It may be that, over time, the profile of the audience changes a little.

Detail: in my research, I’ve seen people selling houses, beauty services and clothes.

Yes, there are already adults who are already testing the network to make sales.

How does the network work?

The network is powered by videos only. Whoever enters there, at first, finds it very complicated.

After all, teens are ninjas at video creation and the more views you get, the more money you make. That’s why people do whatever they can to increase views, even buying them. Check this article: Comprar visualizações TikTok

The problem is with TikTok’s algorithm: when you enter, it shows you the best videos. And the best videos are really complex to make!

And then you think: this business is not for me!

But as I researched other topics, I saw that there were simpler videos that were also quite successful.

But isn’t TikTok just dances and humor videos?

Definitely not.

In my research there, I saw several companies creating more serious content. TechTudo doing cell phone analysis. Magicians showing their tricks. Real Madrid and Barcelona showing goals and behind-the-scenes training.

The tool is there: you will use it the way you want and the way your audience likes it.

Won’t she be bought by Facebook and Instagram?

As the Zuckerberg audios showed, TikTok is a real concern for Facebook. The app remains among the most downloaded in the world for several months.

In August of this year it was the most downloaded app worldwide!

Admittedly, their retention rate is low. A lot of people download the app, but don’t use it. And this is really a worrying fact.

We’ll see how the TikTok owners solve this in the future.

But as for the question of her being bought, I honestly think that’s unlikely. The owner of TikTok is already worth more than Uber in the market.

Also, it is a Chinese company. Given the information war between the US and China, this purchase may not be very likely.

As for the copying part, TikTok is a much more complete app than Snapchat. Its strength is not just its content format, as was the case with Snap.

The searches work well, the way to use it is much simpler and it is already being designed for business, things that Snap took too long to do.

To combat this social network, Facebook/Instagram have already taken some actions. First, they developed Clips by adding TikTok functionality to Stories. In addition, in Mexico, the Lasso app is being tested, very similar to TikTok.

After using TikTok I went back to Instagram and the feeling is that Insta was an app…old.

How to succeed on the net?

Obviously, I can’t draw any big conclusions after 5 hours, but this social network follows principles common to any social network:

– Model yourself after users who are already succeeding

– But be unique in your content

– Constantly test to see what works with your audience

– Create content constantly

– Be patient to get results

Anyone who enters there now is like having been on Instagram for 5 years: Few people in your niche, no ads, but a huge probability of growth.

Oh and the hashtags there are crucial. It’s the best way to get found and TikTok suggest your content to others.

So should I ditch the other networks and focus there?

Of course not. It’s too early to do that. But better get a foot out there and start testing. Will that work out very well?

Remember: Better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a huge pond.

I will continue my tests in the next few days.

Follow me there: @lucianolarrossa and I’ll report on my testing journey on the social network.

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