10 Helpful Tips for Office Organization

10 Helpful Tips for Office Organization

20 September 2022

With more and more people returning to work in their offices, it’s a great time to clean up around your workspace and implement some new organization ideas. There are plenty of ways to reduce clutter quickly that you might not know about. Whether it be something simple like getting desks tidy or more complex like introducing new shelving systems into your office. Here are some great office organization ideas to help improve your work area.

1. Create an efficient layout with work zones
Based on what teams are working in which area, you can create zones around them where all of their relevant supplies should reside. Then you can encourage employees to return items to their proper zone whenever they are no longer needed. If you don’t have enough space to store all of the supplies in a tidy manner, it might be wise to invest in some steel shelving units to hold some of the clutter.

2. Put essential supplies within easy reach
All items that don’t need to be within your employee zones should be stored away in a storage area to keep the dedicated spaces clear for essential supplies only. Investing in shelving systems to make sure your storage area stays organized is also important so when you do need those supplies they are still easy to find.

3. Develop clear pathways for employees to move through the office
Maintain enough room for people to pass around desks and work spaces. Reduce crowding where you can by using furniture and shelving that doesn’t take up too much space. This encourages employees to get up and move around during the work day, while also ensuring it is easier for them to get from one end of the office to the other.

4. Minimize exposed wires and cords
To keep your space tidy and lower the risk of accidents due to tripping, work on your cable management and endeavor to run cables and power cords behind or underneath furniture. This will make your office space look well maintained and keep your employees safe.

5. Rethink your filing system
Go through your old filing cabinets and assess if everything is being stored efficiently. Consider storing some of your older documents digitally to save space, and clear out anything that is no longer needed. It might also be time to invest in a new shelving system for your documents if it is becoming hard to find what you need.

6. Invest in a high quality shelving solutions
Keeping all of your office supplies and documents tidy is going to be a lot easier with quality steel shelving. This way, you will have more space to store all of your important items and keep them easily accessible for all employees. A moduline shelving unit can be very helpful on the office floor with different shelf sizes and dividers to keep everything separated into appropriate categories.

7. Use hidden storage to keep supplies out of sight
Undershelf baskets and bins that slide beneath furniture let you store items out of sight until you need them. It will also let employees keep their desks tidier without them needing to sacrifice the convenience of having all their important supplies with them at all times.

8. Organize drawers
Getting sets of mobile pedestal drawers can be another way to reduce mess around employee desks. It gives them somewhere to store their bags or jackets without it taking up floor space, and means they can keep stationary and files close to their desks, reducing time traveling to and from lockers. A mobile pedestal is great because it can be rolled under employee desks, thereby taking up no extra floor space at all.

9. Sort through your piles
Piles of papers, files and mail are a common source of clutter in the office, so make it a habit to regularly sort through piles and get rid of anything you don’t need. Decide which items can be digitized, which need to be kept and which ones are ready to go. Regular sorting can keep the office clean, and relieve the stress that piles of paperwork brings.

10. Re-organizing your storage area
The back area of the office where you store all of your documents is seen less, and therefore maintained less, than the rest of the space. Take time to consider investing in a new shelving system to keep everything tidy and easy to locate. There are plenty of smaller scale steel shelving units available if your space is small.

Your office is a space where you and your staff will be spending most hours of the day, so you need to treat it with respect and keep it clean. Organization will benefit both the output of your work, and the happiness of your employees so it is well worth the extra effort.

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