Best Wholesale Hair Extensions Companies Online

Best Wholesale Hair Extensions Companies Online

20 September 2022

Due to the popularity of real hair extensions, the wholesale industry has become bigger than ever! It is a promising source for retailers, salon owners, and stylists alike since almost everyone wears extensions. With a credible wholesale extensions vendor by your side, you can get real human extensions in bulk with speedy delivery at a lower shipping cost.

So, if you are a stylist or a salon owner, we have curated a list of the top 8 wholesale hair extension companies online and in the US. Go through our list and contact one that best suits your business goals and objectives!



Luvme Hair
Luvme Hair

Luvme Hair is a popular human hair brand that offers a vast selection of wigs and bundles. They provide a HUGE assortment of smooth, soft, high-quality hair wigs and real human extensions in different styles, hues, lengths, and textures.

So what makes Luvme Hair stand out? It’s simple. They offer real human extensions and wigs at affordable prices for customers and wholesale buyers. Their products offer an extremely natural look regardless of the texture or length.

Apart from their amazing products, they also have free shipping, fast logistics, and great customer service.



Halo Couture for the best Remy extensions
Halo Couture for the best Remy extensions

If you want to offer your clients and customers a sea of high-quality clip-in, halo, weft, and balayage hair extensions, then there’s no better brand than Halo Couture. They offer easy and damage-free Remy extensions in multiple lengths and styles.

Halo Couture is a salon-exclusive brand that provides premium Remy extensions to hair salons across the United States. Their products allow you to transform your client’s Hair in no time and boost their confidence through the roof!

Among the different wholesale hair extensions mentioned in this blog, no one offers color options like Halo Couture. You can choose from a slew of original, balayage, and rooted hair colors for each real human hair extension.


Alipearl Hair
Alipearl Hair

For years, Alipearl Hair has been popular on social media. Alipearl’s physical facility in the United States is well-known for its high-quality real human extensions and textures.

What makes this brand so valuable? They provide great Hair at a moderate cost to women worldwide! Alipearl Hair provides a wide range of extensions, from straight to curly and deep waves. The brand caters to every client’s needs regardless of the hair texture, length, or style of their natural Hair.

In addition to its standard weave, the firm sells lace closures, clip-ins, and wigs. The essential element is that their real human extensions are reasonably priced so that even those on a tight budget can buy a high-quality hair weave.



Dolago Hair
Dolago Hair

Dolago is a fairly new hair extension brand that has swiftly gained popularity among women of all ages. It is an online brand that specializes in virgin wigs, extensions, and weaves in different lengths.

Dolago is the hair industry’s leader and front-runner. Your clients can effortlessly get the desired appearance with a choice of styles, lengths, thicknesses, and colors.

You can even custom order wholesale extensions for your clients.

Dolago’s most significant benefit is product technology. They have exceptional technology for producing premium wholesale extensions, in particular. However, the most significant disadvantage is their price.

Their Hair is 100% virgin, not mixed with animal or synthetic fibers, and has great customer service and even a 30-day guarantee.



Klaiya Hair
Klaiya Hair

Klaiya Hair is a new human hair extensions business that provides high-quality virgin extensions to ladies worldwide. This wholesale extensions company is among the most reputable online-based suppliers of virgin extensions. They work hard to constantly supply the best real human extensions to all of their clients worldwide.

Klaiya Hair offers more human hair wigs and a selection of human hair bundles with closure for a full sew-in. Regarding hair bundles, Klaiyi Hair offers every texture and length imaginable: everything from straight, wavy, curly, and even 613 weaves.



Ali Grace for beautiful hair
Ali Grace for beautiful hair

ALI GRACE is a popular Aliexpress brand that sells quality real human hair extensions. They provide their consumers with high-quality sew in hair items at an affordable cost.

The brand sells various types of weaves, from natural straight to wavy and curly. Apart from natural color hair extensions, Ali Grace also provides 613 and ombre hair colors.

Their hair extensions can be reused several times if properly maintained. Furthermore, they provide 15-day refunds, exchanges, and free standard delivery on all hair extension orders.



Tinashe Hair
Tinashe Hair

Tinashe Hair is one of the top hair companies, delivering a comprehensive variety of hair products to perfectly match each personality. They offer wholesale hair extensions in various lengths, textures, and colors to meet your client’s styling needs.

The firm has its manufacturing to assure the highest quality at the most affordable pricing, and thorough quality control ensures you get the greatest shopping experience possible.



Arabella Hair
Arabella Hair

Arabella is a hair brand that offers 2 levels of wholesale hair extensions, i.e., 15A and 10A, to cater to a range of women. They offer 100% unprocessed virgin hair without a mix of synthetic or animal Hair.

Several styles are available, including straight, curly, and wavy Hair. You will also discover exquisite Hair of exceptional quality to complement your client’s appearance and elegance. With appropriate upkeep and care, Arabella human hair extensions will last more than 8 months and remain manageable and shiny whether you get natural or colored hair extensions.

The prices on real human hair extensions are slightly higher; the brand offers various coupons for their unprocessed Hair.



We understand that different businesses require different Hair. So, these are our top 8 best online wholesale hair extensions brands to get real human hair extensions!

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