Why & Where To Get Tape In Human Hair Extensions In NYC?

Why & Where To Get Tape In Human Hair Extensions In NYC?

19 September 2022

Are you having trouble locating the best tape-in extensions in New York City? We understand why it’s so difficult—not because there aren’t any decent retailers or wholesale hair extension suppliers in NYC, but because there are so many!

To be honest, the best ones are unquestionably those who sell human hair extensions! First, let us enlighten you on why tape in extensions is the greatest, and we will talk about which is the best tape in extensions brand in NYC.

5 Reasons To Get The Tape In Human Hair Extensions


1. Tape-Ins Are The Easiest To Maintain Of All Human Hair Extensions

Due to their thin construction and 1.5-inch breadth, tape-in extensions are the simplest hair extension method to maintain. You tape it and then forget about it until it’s time to move them up, around 10-12 weeks later. When it comes to tape extensions, go for a higher-quality brand.

Why? If you spend more money upfront on the best tape in extensions brand, you will save more in the long run. How? High-quality tape extensions are reusable and won’t mat, shed, or tangle. Maintenance will be easy and simple if you choose top-notch tape in extensions.

2. Tape Ins Are Affordable

Tape-ins are the least expensive semi-permanent extensions available in terms of both hair cost and application time.

Since installing tape-ins only takes an hour, the application expenses are substantially lesser.

Furthermore, because of the nature of the tape wefts and how they are applied to the hair, the maintenance expenses associated with tape-ins are comparatively cheaper than any other extensions.

The cost of hair for tape in extensions is the same as that of a good set of clip-in extensions, and the cost of hair for tape-ins is far less than the cost of fusion/micro bead/I-link extensions. If you buy from wholesale hair extension suppliers, it will cost you even lesser!

3. Tape-Ins Are Least Damaging Real Extensions

Get The Best Tape In Human Hair Extensions In Nyc
Get The Best Tape In Human Extensions In Nyc

Tape-in extensions are the least harmful real extensions on the market. They are extremely light and do not yank or pull on your own hair as other extensions do; instead, they grow out with your hair. The removal of tape-in extensions is quick and painless.

You do not want to lose hair by wearing extensions if you are experiencing hair loss. You won’t encounter any pain or hair loss if you use tape ins extensions. Damage-free and comfy is what hair extensions are meant to be!

4. Tape In Extensions Are Re-Useable

These extensions are appropriate for 3–4 applications and can be used again for up to a year. Tape extensions can be taken off in just 15 minutes. Reusing your hair extensions is a huge advantage, especially if they were cut or colored just for you.

Tape in extensions can be cleaned, replaced with fresh tape, and reapplied.

Consequently, investing in the best tape in extensions brand is crucial. It is worthwhile to reuse extensions, especially if you paid to have them trimmed, colored, etc.

5. Most Flexible Real Extensions

There are numerous things that tape extensions allow you to perform: Wear them in braids, really high ponytails, and other hairstyles. The styling options are limitless!

They are virtually undetectable and very thin! It is easy to brush, wash & try tape-ins compared to many other extensions.

Which Is The Best Tape In Extensions Brand?

HALO COUTURE®– Best Tape In Hair Extensions Brand In NYC
HALO COUTURE®– Best Tape Ins Extensions Brand In NYC

HALO COUTURE® is pleased to present a stunning, semi-permanent method of boosting length and volume. These tape in extensions are held in place with non-slip, medical-grade adhesive! It is simple to install and remove.

HALO COUTURE® tape in extensions is available in 23 ORIGINAL, 7 BALAYAGE & 9 ROOTED colors in 12” | 16” | 20” lengths.

You must have done something wrong if you searched for a “tape in hair extensions salon near me” in NYC and came up empty-handed. You can easily visit the HALO COUTURE® websites and use the Salon Finder tool to find the best salon for tape-ins extensions nearby!

Enter the area’s zip code to find the finest saloon to do your tape-ins at!


You now know why, when it comes to extensions, ladies all over the world prefer tape-ins.

If you want some elegant tape-in extensions, you know where to go too!

HALO COUTURE® is a saloon-exclusive wholesale hair extensions supplier. They exclusively supply to the salons in the United States, so you can use their saloon finder feature to select the best hair salons near you for your new tape-in extensions!

Book your appointment now!

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