Oklahoma Child Custody

Oklahoma Child Custody

17 September 2022

As bargaining chips and victims

Sadly, sometimes parents do not get along and end up not staying together as a couple. They never intended to in the first place and conceived a child from a one-night stand. Whatever the case, when co-parenting goes wrong, chaos and complications can follow and usually do.  Children often end up getting caught up in the conflict as bargaining chips and victims. And indeed the kids are always the ones who suffer the most from child custody disputes in Oklahoma.

The following is a brief list of some of the common reasons Oklahoma child custody disputes most often occur, often leading to lengthy court battles and Oklahoma child custody private investigations by a child custody private investigator in Oklahoma at our child custody private investigation agency in Edmond, Oklahoma:

  • The Parents Have Vastly Contrasting Parenting Styles.
  • One or Both of the Parents Abuses Illicit and/or Prescription Drugs.
  • The Co-Parenting Adults Are In Jail and/or Committing Criminal Activities.
  • One or Both of the Parents Has an Extremely Toxic Personality.
  • The Religious and/or Cultural Beliefs of the Parents Interfere With The Couple’s Ability to Co-Parent.
  • Either One or Both of the Parents or Children Come Out as LGBTQIA+, and the Parent or Kids Face Rejection From Other Family Members.
  • The Grandparents or Other Toxic Family Members Cause Conflict and Interfere With the Parents’ Abilities to Co-Parent.
  • Issues of Alimony and/or Child Support Influence Fights and Disagreements Between the Two or More Co-Parents.
  • One of the Parents Moves Away, and the Other Parent Objects.
  • Remarriages of the Two Co-Parents Occur, and the Stepparents Either Become Abusive to the Children or Even Attempt to Adopt the Children as Their Own and Terminate the Parental Rights of the Biological Parent.

Oklahoma child custody private investigations

These are just some of the many reasons that Oklahoma child custody. Disputes require Oklahoma child custody private investigations, and the need for Oklahoma child custody private investigators. At our private investigation agency in Edmond, Oklahoma arises. Thus, many of our clients at our private investigation agency in Norman, OK often ask us how our private investigators in El Reno. Oklahoma can assist with child custody private investigations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Our licensed private investigators in Yukon, OK at our private investigation agency in Midwest City. Oklahoma have a plethora of ways in which they can assist with child custody private investigations in Edmond, Oklahoma. Some of the ways in which a licensed child custody private detective in Oklahoma. At our private investigation agency in Mustang.

Oklahoma can assist with Oklahoma child custody investigations are as follow:

  • Conducting Oklahoma Background Checks and Nationwide Criminal Background Investigations
  • Running Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches
  • Having Our Child Custody Private Investigator in Moore, Oklahoma Provide Written Reports and Conduct Court Testimony as an Oklahoma Expert Witness for Oklahoma Child Custody Private Investigations
  • Counter-Surveillance Sweeps of Homes, Offices, and Vehicles for Bugs/Tracking Devices, Hidden Listening Devices, and Illicit Video Cameras That One Parent Has Unlawfully Placed on the Property of the Other Custodial Parent
  • Sex Crimes Charges Involving Children Offending Against Other Children or Parents Sexually Offending Against Their Own Children or the Children of Other Parents in Child Custody Investigations
  • Oklahoma Child Custody Investigations Involving Missing Children, Runaway Children, Non-Custodial Parental Kidnappings, and Non-Parental Kidnappings of Children, Etc.
  • Any Other Child Custody Private Investigations in Norman, OK That Requires the Services of an Experienced Yukon. OK Child Custody Private Investigator at Our El Reno, OK Private Investigation Agency

As you can clearly see, our licensed Warr Acres

Oklahoma child custody private investigators at our Guthrie, OK private investigation agency can conduct a plethora of Bethany. OK child custody private investigation services for our clients. Our licensed OKC, OK child custody private investigators at our private detective agency in Tulsa. Oklahoma have many years of experience with Oklahoma child custody private investigations. And have access to a vast network of legal connections, both in Oklahoma and in other states.


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