Deltas Expansion into Asia with the launch of a Joint Venture with China Eastern

Deltas Expansion into Asia with the launch of a Joint Venture with China Eastern

15 September 2022

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Joint Venture with China

Delta and China Eastern Airlines had signed an agreement. According to the agreement, they decided to expand their partnership and connect Delta’s global network with China Eastern, one of the leading airlines in China. Delta made a $450 million investment in the agreement to acquire a 3.55 percent stake in China Eastern.


This agreement has proved to be a significant step in the airlines’ collaboration and partnership, allowing Delta and China Eastern to compete more effectively on routes between the U.S. and China. This will provide the customers in both countries with various travel options and joint investments in the customer experience. Delta News Hub (DNH) discussed the partnership with Vinay Dube, Senior Vice President – Asia-Pacific.

Importance of partnership with China Eastern

In the past five years, Delta has tripled the size of its China network. Pairing up with China Eastern has increased Delta Airlines’ reach and further cemented the commitment to the market and the customers flying between China and the U.S.


China Eastern is a leading hub carrier in Shanghai’s Chinese business market. Hence it was a great opportunity that was not to be missed to build a profitable, enduring business model.


For three years, for job shadowing and work-study opportunities, Delta Airlines had the opportunity to host members of the China Eastern team at their headquarters. As a result, this strategy deepened their effective partnership.

Results of this Partnership

Besides China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines, Delta moved its operations at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport to Terminal 1. Putting everyone in the same place provides convenience to the customers of connecting in a single terminal. Delta Airlines and China Eastern shared the same motive and a commitment to offering exceptional service.


They decided to make more moves like this as their partnership further develops. It will become smooth for customers to book flights that span both carriers. This move would multiply the number of cities in both countries that are now easily connected. As the partnership grew, they jointly invested in products and technology that benefited their customers.

Was Delta’s investment worth it?

The $450 million investment in China Eastern was only a part of their partnership. The investment resulted in a 3.55 percent stake in China Eastern. An observer sitting on the China Eastern board of directors explained that the actual value of this agreement came from their shared vision.

The motive was to build a long-term, profitable partnership by creating a world-class, customer-focused service. China Eastern’s main focus was also to be the most successful franchise in the growing U.S. Book a flight at Delta and get the best flying experience.


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