A Quick Comparison On RELX And Nanostix For Newbies

A Quick Comparison On RELX And Nanostix For Newbies

15 September 2022

For a variety of factors, including portability and simplicity of use, pod systems are widely used in the vaping community. RELX and nanostix, two pod system brands, are notable for their quality and devoted fan bases.

However, a quick comparison is needed to know more about the products. Let’s take a look at how they compare to one another. Don’t forget to use our RELX coupon at the same time to get huge discounts on RELX goods. 

The Parallels Between NanoSTIX And RELX

There are numerous similarities between nanostick and RELX, both of which are superior pod systems. They are extremely portable thanks to their small, industrial designs that fit into any pocket, which is the first benefit. 

Second, both of their products fall into the category of stylish vape pens that place an equal emphasis on style and quality. Finally, RELX and nanostix are both eager to invest in reimagining and innovating their products.

The Differences Between RELX And NanoSTIX

As with most of our vape reviews, the main things to compare in this RELX vs SMOK vape pen review are the price, features, and flavours. Let’s compare and contrast the RELX Classic and the nanoSTIX to make things clearer. 

RELX versus nanoSTIX: Costs

When comparing RELX and nanoSTIX, nanoSTIX triumphs in terms of price. For about $34, you can purchase a nanoSTIX starter kit, which includes the following:

1 gadget,

3 nano pods

1 USB charging cable,

Whereas RELX Classic starter kits cost $39.90 and include the following:

1 gadget,

3 pods of RELX

1 USB charging cable

NanoSTIX vs RELX: Features

Almost all of the features of RELX and nanostick are the same. This is the case because both kits have almost the same parts. The 350mAh batteries in both devices can be charged with a USB charging cable. Each one works by chance and doesn’t have any buttons. According to our post about why your RELX is blinking, both have indicator lights that tell the user about things like the battery status, how the device is being used, and more.

Both are also made of strong, lightweight materials, like stainless steel, and have a beautiful finish.

The flavours and pods of nanoSTIX vs RELX

Since RELX and nanoSTIX are both pod systems, it is important to compare them in terms of capacity. RELX pods are much better than nanoSTIX, with a maximum capacity of 2 ml instead of 1.5 ml.

On the other hand, tastes are a whole different story in these pods or vapes. With 11 flavours, RELX offers an impressive lineup, including the following:

  • Mint and classic tobacco are examples of the Classic Flavor series.
  • The Ludlow Ice creative series
  • Blue Burst, Tangy Purple, Dark Sparkle, and Turbo Red are among the colours in the Fresh series.
  • Fruit tea, white ice, and fragrant fruit are among the beverage series.

However, nanoSTIX has an even larger selection of flavours:- 

Grape, Strawberry Apple, Grape Ice, Coffee Hazelnut, Coffee, Strawberry Vanilla, Banana Vanilla, Honeydew, Mango Ice, Orange Ice, Lemonade Ice, Apple Ice, Tabac Classic, Tabac Menthol, and Bubblegum. 

The top 5 e-liquids listed on VaporDNA are just one example of flavours that nanoSTIX can use since it is an open pod system.


The comparison between RELX and nanostix is made here. Even though the two brands are similar in some ways, we recommend RELX because they care about quality and have great features. 

It’s always preferable to err on the side of caution, no matter how much better the quality of the product is. Never take too much. When going somewhere, avoid. And if you start to feel strange after vaping, it’s best to talk to a professional or expert.

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