Connect With the Warehouse in Mumbai Through ESR Sustainable Logistics Buildings

Connect With the Warehouse in Mumbai Through ESR Sustainable Logistics Buildings

15 September 2022

The growth of e-commerce has completely altered business growth tactics in this world. Today’s businesses are capable of operating outside of their physical locations. In the era of digitisation and the internet, there are no defined hours for working. Online channels enable vendors to satisfy customers’ requirements whenever they need something. Here comes the need for warehouses to perform the PL processes of any company. 

The rapid growth of online shopping, urbanization and new technologies have made it more difficult to store inventory, impacting all aspects of supply chain management and raw material sourcing. All this is done efficiently in a warehouse in Mumbai by the ESR group. 

Businesses struggle with problems like a lack of warehouse space, particularly in significant metropolises like Mumbai and other nearby key cities like Bhiwandi, where demand is quite strong. Therefore, making a wise pick from among the top warehousing firms in Mumbai- ESR Group, will relieve difficulties associated with storing tangible products. 

ESR Lodha and Industrial Logistics Park 

The Lodha Group, one of the biggest developers in India, and ESR, the leader in Industrial & Logistics real estate in APAC, have joined forces to construct world-class industrial infrastructure close to Mumbai. The park is conveniently accessible from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. It is situate on Khoni Taloja Road, next to Taloja MIDC, close to JNPT port, and has a well-established industrial environment. Significant infrastructure improvements are underway to transform the area around this park into a hub for the industry. This warehouse in Mumbai is doing a great job providing the best services to its clients in their businesses. 

Top Features : 

  • Ideal and Good Location 

Warehouses of ESR are develop at locations convenient for both the buyer and the seller to ensure efficient movement of goods and cost savings. Additionally, open-air godowns are advise to allow for easy movement of vehicles. 

  • Enough and Sufficient Space 

For the ideal warehouse in Mumbai, enough room should be covered to allow for maximum storage and maintain the right item organisation. Each merchant, regardless of size, would prefer that all of his goods be able to fit in a single warehouse so that he does not have to travel to various locations to oversee the loading and unloading of his items. This is one of the important features of any warehouse. 

  • Parking Garage

For out-of-town dealers, parking along the road or in public spaces in urban or suburban regions is still a terrifying experience. Therefore, to facilitate speedy loading, unloading, and safe parking, adequate arrangements should be create inside the premises in warehouses. ESR group warehouse in Mumbai ensures enough space for a parking facility for all dealers. 

  • Better Safety precautions

A warehouse should have the appropriate cold storage, moisture resistance, etc. since it is mostly use to keep edibles or perishable commodities like bread, butter, fruits, eggs, and vegetables. Additionally, the warehouse in Mumbai is secured to prevent theft and damage from heat, rain, insects, rodents, and fire. To protect warehouses against unanticipated mishaps, safety alarms, budgets, and round-the-clock security systems are present in the warehouses of the ESR group. 

  • Effective and Proper Management 

All of the expense will be lost if warehouses are not manage effective. Mismanagement could result in the theft, loss, mistakes, and omissions of items kept in storage by different dealers. But, you don’t need to stress with the ESR warehouse. It is maintain by constant stringent supervision. A permanent officer is hire for proper arrangements of arriving and outgoing commodities.

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