Start Your Technical Career With The Best AI and ML Courses

Start Your Technical Career With The Best AI and ML Courses

15 September 2022

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are related ideas in computer science. The most popular technologies for building intelligent systems are these two. The nation’s colleges provide undergraduate (BTech) and graduate (MTech) engineering programs in AI and machine learning. However,  beginner students face a lot of difficulties understanding the related concepts. Many ed-tech companies devise AI and ML courses for beginners to make the topics easy for them. 

Univ AI Courses/ Programs 

Univ.AI provides targeted certificate programs in AI & ML to support learners on different educational journeys. It doesn’t matter at what stage the learner is. The organization has courses curated for all. Additionally, they provide quick, free preparation classes to help young students master the fundamentals and prepare for different programs. All programs of Univ. AI encourage hands-on learning and is delivered LIVE online with active mentoring.

The programs offered are as follows: 

  • Data Science Leaders Program 

Univ. AI data science leaders program has a broad and in-depth grounding in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).  After completing this flagship 43-week AI and ML course for beginners, students will have a core understanding of the subject matter and be able to implement complex algorithms. 

The course spans 5 core technical courses and one optional elective (up to 9 weeks).

The Instructors start by instructing the students in data science and machine learning principles, which is the core of the AI and ML course for beginners. 

The advanced modules teach students in-depth knowledge of subjects like: 

  1. Reinforcement Learning
  2. Generative Models, and 
  3. Natural Language Processing. 

Additionally, the students will put on training to use on challenging module-end projects. They will graduate from this program with the abilities they need to work in leading-edge corporate and research organizations and to stay on the cutting edge of this profession.

Fellows of Data Science Leaders Program 

The DSLP Fellows Program recognizes remarkable accomplishments and invites learners to train with the Univ.AI team before joining as Data Science consultants with the clients. DSLP Fellows are a small unit of DSLP applicants who are offered a distinctive “get-hired-first-then-train” arrangement.

  • Certificate in Data Science

The students will have a broad and in-depth understanding of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) after completing this 18-week curriculum with three main courses.

The program begins with the foundational knowledge of data science and machine learning. For learners to get extensive experience in Data Science and Engineering, covering large data, databases, cluster development, and performant applications, Advanced Modules expand on this. Additionally, they will put your training to use on difficult module-end projects.

  • Program for Deep Learning Leaders

This 18-week program’s three required core courses provide all its students with a broad and in-depth understanding of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence. 

With the help of this certification program, all students will gain expertise in Natural Language Processing, Generative Models, and Reinforcement Learning, in addition to Deep Learning proficiency. 

It prepares the students for top AI and Deep Learning positions, research opportunities, and graduate school. Additionally, the students will put on their training to use on difficult module-end projects.

Major Topics Covered in These AI and ML Courses for Beginners 

  • Regression Models 
  • Model Selection 
  • Convoluted Neural Networks 
  • Language Models 
  • Productionizing AI ( MLOps)
  • Latent Space Representation 
  • Mode Collapse 
  • Markov decision process 


Beat the curve of your technical education through Univ.AI Professional AI and ML courses for beginners. The AI & Machine Learning certificate course is based on current technical industry needs and a rigorous Bootcamp learning approach. All this will assist the students in getting the best outcomes and advancing their knowledge.

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