How much does Honda Accord Insurance Cost?

How much does Honda Accord Insurance Cost?
14 September 2022

Getting your car insured might just be a lot more troublesome than you might think. Taking out time to select from the many insurance policies available is a big deal for sure, while there are several companies giving different deals.

Some Of The Injuries Covered In The Insurance Packages

Here are some of the injuries that are covered under the insurance cost.

  1. Bodily Injury liability covers the bodily injuries claimed by people who get injured in an accident.
  2. Property damage liability covers the property damages to third parties.
  3. Medical payments to the policy owner and other passengers injured in the accident.
  4. The physical damage covers the losses to your car involved in a collision
  5. The other damages that might have been incurred in any non-collision physical damage.

Any Car Insurance Is Broadly Divided Into Two

1.     Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

It protects against any loss or damage caused to the vehicle and its insured accessories as a result of natural and man-made calamities. The owner can avail of personal accident cover for the passengers as well.

2.     Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

It protects the third party mainly pedestrians, fare paying, and non-paying passengers. Damage to a third party’s property is usually covered by an insurance policy.

While the different car has different prices based on their mileage and other factors like age etc. when it comes to the Honda accords insurance cost, its prices depend on various key factors.

Honda accord is one of the top midsize vehicles on the market and thereby is subjective to competitive insurance rates.


Honda Accord Insurance Factors

The base cost of insurance depends upon several factors like

1.     Vehicle Age

Older Honda Accords are comparatively cheaper to insure based on the year model they are. The model of the 2010 Accord model cost around $216 cheaper than what the model of the 2020 Accord costs.

2.     Driver’s Location

The location of the driver also impacts the insurance rates. The drivers of big cities like LA pay around $485 more than the drivers who live in small cities like Philadelphia.

3.     Driver’s Age

The driver’s age also acts as a major factor when it comes to deciding the rate for Honda Accord insurance.

4.     Driver’s Record

Driving record of the driver can also impact the cost. Teenagers and drivers ages below thirty experience a huge surge in rates, especially if they have violations against their license.

Honda Accord Insurance Rates

While car insurance rates for the Honda Accord are about $1310 annually which is approximately $109 per month which in comparison to other sedan mid-class cars is cheaper when it comes to full coverage.

While on the contrary if you opt for liability-only policy it comes much cheaper at around $44 per month.

The drivers with a good record can also save up to $540 annually through the policy discounts too.

Teenagers are considered the highest risk classes and as a result, tend to pay a lot more than other people.

How Can One Lower The Accord Insurance Costs?

While one might find several options for cheap car insurance for the unemployed, one can easily opt for paying much lower than others just by applying these tricks and tips.

  1. Purchase old accord cars
  2. Ask for loyalty discounts
  3. Examine to make sure you aren’t been overcharged
  4. Bundle your auto insurance bill with other policies
  5. Ask for discounts based on your qualification and driving records

Which Company Gives You The Best Rates For Your Accord?

While the actual rates depend upon several factors companies like state farm, GEICO, progressive, liberty mutual, Allstate, Travelers, and Chubb offer discounts based on the safety features implemented in your car.

How Do Safety Ratings Effect Car Insurance?

The safety rating of any car vividly affects the insurance rates, as per IIHS in 2021 Accord’s test type and the rate includes,

  1. Small overlap front on the driver’s side and passenger side
  2. Roof strength
  3. Head restraints and seats
  4. Driver side airbag
  5. Passenger side airbag
  6. Front head, rear head hair bag
  7. The four-wheel anti-lock braking system
  8. Brake assist
  9. Child safety locks
  10. Lane-keeping assist and lane departure warning.

Which State Offers The Highest And Lowest Rates For Accord?

As per cheap car insurance, Maine is the cheapest state with an average rate of $68 while Michigan is the most expensive at $199.

As one of the best-selling cars in US, the Honda Accord is one of the most popular choices if you are looking for a quality vehicle.

No worries regarding its insurance because this article has got all of the does and don’ts covered for you Read more 

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