How important are SAT and ACT Exams for the future of your children?

How important are SAT and ACT Exams for the future of your children?

13 September 2022

Juniors must take the SAT and act prep because, with a high score, they can concentrate on visiting colleges and completing their applications throughout the senior year and early fall. The student will have more opportunities, more options, and more time to discover the ideal match if they get a high score by the springtime of their junior year.

Additionally, if the student’s score falls short of the required level, they have the chance to improve it during the late summer or spring before their final year and then retake the exam in the fall of that year.

By using this strategy, students can avoid initiation of preliminary preparation during their senior years, and their deficiencies can be addressed beforehand.

Many parents struggle with the decision of which admissions exam is ideal for their child. Many continue to use the exam that is currently more widely used by universities in their region. For instance, the SAT is more common in Texas, but the ACT prep is more common in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Interestingly, this isn’t because universities in certain locations only accept certain tests. In reality, none of these three state schools that I am aware of primarily demand either exam. Students should thus make decisions based on what is best.

Almost every student will benefit most from taking both exams. A student might decide not to transmit any test results to the schools until they are completely prepared.

Some students may perform much better only on one test than the other, which is another justification for taking both. If a student has abilities that are more suited to one exam than the other, this may be the case. For instance, students who are familiar with all the essential arithmetic formulae have an advantage on the ACT as these crucial formulas are not listed in test instructions and must be known by the candidates. In contrast, students don’t need to know or memorize these formulae because they are included in the SAT guidelines.

Now, let’s discuss these myths which are prevalent among many and need to be debunked as follows:

  • Not all places accept the SAT or ACT: All top institutions and colleges accept scores from the SAT and ACT. The results from the two examinations are comparable, and admissions authorities are aware of this. The SAT was once considered to be the “go-to” test for students on the East and West Coasts, while the Mid-West preferred the ACT. Depending on whatever exam they desire, students now take whichever the ACT or else SAT across the nation.
  • SAT is more challenging than the ACT: The SAT is not either harder or simpler than the ACT; it is just different. Most students will achieve results on both exams that are quite comparable. Not that it necessarily applies to you! For instance, if you excel at arithmetic, you could perform higher on the SAT. Additionally, if you read quickly on the ACT, you could perform better. Examine both exams to see which is more appropriate for you, and find out which exam would be most appropriate for your abilities.

These examinations are important, but so are your academics, interests, friends, family, and mental health! Similar to practicing your favorite sport, how to prepare for SAT or ACT exam, you will never become as excellent as each sport if you just choose one, therefore practicing both sports concurrently! After some practice, you’ll be able to tell if you are noticeably better at one exam than another. If not, choose the exam you feel most confident taking and focus all of your energy on learning and acing that test.

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