The Best Spanish Institute in Delhi – Oracle Language Institute

The Best Spanish Institute in Delhi – Oracle Language Institute

12 September 2022

If you are thinking about learning Spanish in Delhi, you can start by finding a Spanish institute that offers the right kind of course. There are several options that you can consider, from the Institute Cervantes to Oracle International Language Institute . You can also check out CSPILAS, a Spanish school that specializes in teaching the language to adults.

Oracle International Language Institute

For people residing in Delhi, Oracle International Language Institute is the best place to learn Spanish. They offer a wide range of courses, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages. With efficient tutors and teachers, this institute has helped thousands of students become fluent in foreign languages.

The institute offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes in Spanish, depending on the student’s needs and goals. There are about 150 hours of classes at each level, and students will complete projects that are interactive and based on real-life situations. Students can also take internships in Spanish-speaking companies, which will give them real-world experience with the language. The institute also provides assistance in finding employment after graduation.

This institute offers live online interactive classroom sessions, internship assistance, and a placement guarantee. Its instructors are experienced in group dynamics and focus on individual language needs. The students are placed in top companies in various fields of study, including healthcare, finance, and tourism. The Institute is also considered to be one of the best French institutes in Delhi.

Students can choose a university course or take a course in a language institute if they wish to focus on culture, history, literature, and linguistics. In fact, many of these institutes offer courses without a degree, which can be an excellent way to kick-start a career in languages. For more advanced courses, students can visit a language institute affiliated with an embassy to find a program that suits them.

School of Spanish

The School of Spanish at Oracle International Language Institute Delhi offers a range of courses in Spanish and Arabic. Its courses are suitable for students from all walks of life, from school kids to professionals. Its courses are also suited to help individuals enhance their personality and communication skills. The language courses are taught by some of the best Spanish language experts in Delhi and NCR.

The first two modules focus on the basics of Spanish language and culture. Students learn about the history of the Spanish language, the alphabet and how it came to be. They also learn the tenses of verbs. They practice forming these verbs through examples and conversations. The students are also taught how to ask questions in Spanish and understand the context of conversations.

Students can enroll in a program that offers an intensive eight-week curriculum. The program includes eight audio CDs that cover four main topics. Each CD contains audio exercises, quizzes, and tests. The school’s teachers follow a naturalistic approach to teaching and speaking. Students can also benefit from the school’s library.

The Oracle International Language Institute provides a range of courses in Spanish and other foreign languages. Students are guided by highly qualified instructors and language experts who specialize in a variety of fields. The benefits of learning a new language are many.

Institute Cervantes

Institute Cervantes is an internationally recognized institution dedicated to teaching the Spanish language. Founded in 1991, the institute is the largest organization in the world dedicated to Spanish language promotion. Students can take general or specialized courses to increase their knowledge and improve their speaking skills. The institute has campuses in more than 70 cities in 40 countries and five continents.

With over half a billion native speakers worldwide, Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in the world. Currently, 21 countries make Spanish their official language. In terms of number of native speakers, it is the third most widely spoken language after English and Mandarin Chinese. The Spanish language course offered by Oracle International Language Institute lasts three months and takes two hours of class time each day. A maximum of 10 students enroll in each class.

The institute uses the latest technology in its classrooms, and a diverse faculty that is experienced in teaching the language. Students will learn Spanish from teachers who are not only experts in the language, but also in the culture of the country. The institute also offers comprehensive study materials that help students learn the language faster and more effectively.

The institute offers Spanish language courses at various levels, and is the only language school in Delhi that is authorized to administer the Spanish DELE exam. Students can choose between beginner and advanced levels, and a schedule that fits their lives.

Henry Harvin

The Henry Harvin Language Academy was established to help young people develop the skills they need to advance their career. The courses offered by the Language Academy are designed to meet the needs of modern, in-demand professionals, and they are crafted by subject matter experts. In addition, students are trained in the most up-to-date and relevant technologies. In addition, the Language Academy provides a unique blend of online language training and internship opportunities for its students, which helps them land a great job after graduation. The goal of the Academy is to develop 50,000 employable Language professionals by 2030.

The institute offers customized trainings for companies and colleges, and its online training programs have reached more than 97 countries. The institute is recognized in the educational community and has been named among the top 100 Edtech companies in India. Henry Harvin’s courses are available in both online and offline formats, and students can access recorded lectures, case studies, and audio recordings.

The Oracle International Language Institute in Delhi offers a wide variety of language courses and programs to students from around the world. These courses and programs are taught by experienced teachers who will help you reach your learning goals. The institute also offers help with preparation for language aptitude tests. A large number of students have benefited from the courses offered by the institute.

The school offers online and offline training courses in Spanish. Moreover, it provides travel guides and translation classes to its students. It has an effective teaching approach and provides excellent facilities. The school is located in Connaught Place in New Delhi. It has a student-faculty ratio of around 20-25.

The Centre of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Latin American Studies (CSPILAS) offers BA, M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees in Spanish. The School of Spanish in Delhi promises collaborative study and focuses on literature, translation, and Latin America. The school is affiliated with JNU University and offers language courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The Spanish Institute in Delhi has certified Spanish trainers with excellent teaching methods. In addition, the institute is the only center authorized to conduct the Spanish DELE exam in Delhi. The institute offers 20 levels, including A1 (1.1, 1.2), B2 (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4), C1 (1.1 & 1.4), and DELE (1.1.4). The course fees at CSPILAS are INR 14,500 for weekday classes and INR 15,500 for weekend courses.


If you are considering a Spanish language course in Delhi, you should choose an institute with a proven track record. You should also look for a school that has highly qualified faculty and tailor-made programs to meet your needs. Oracle International Language Institute is a renowned institute that offers degree programs in Spanish.

The institute offers beginner-level classes and intermediate-level courses. The classes are interactive and involve projects and real-life application of the language. The institute also arranges internships for its students, which provide them with real-world exposure to the language. It can also help them secure a job in the Spanish-speaking community once they complete their program.

The institute also offers an Advanced Diploma course in French. It aims at empowering students to succeed in the global marketplace. Its instructors are highly qualified and adept at managing group dynamics. In addition to that, the school provides an internship assistance program. In addition, students can choose from several other courses.

If you’re looking for a quality Spanish language course in Delhi, Oracle International Language Institute is an excellent option. Their courses cover the basics of the language, including grammar and conjugation. The institute also provides students with engaging games and worksheets to help them practice what they’ve learned.


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