Why Can’t I Setup Rockspace Extender?

Why Can’t I Setup Rockspace Extender?

12 September 2022

Do you own a Rockspace extender and facing issues while configuring it? Well, you are not alone facing the Rockspace extender setup issues. There are many people around the world struggling with the problem of making their Rockspace extenders up and running. Recognizing the rise in the number of people facing the same issue, we’ve planned to come up with this article.

This write-up wraps up various tips and tricks on fixing Rockspace extender setup issues. However, before that, let’s just make you familiar with the reasons that could cause the problem for you.

Reasons Behind Getting Rockspace Extender Setup Issues

Right from technical glitches to the use of an outdated web browser and poor cable connections to the wrong login details, there could be various reasons that can drag you to the setup issues of your Rockspace extender.

Well, nothing to bother! Simply have a nudge on the troubleshooting points listed in the next section and make your extender functional in a matter of minutes.

How to Fix Rockspace Extender Setup Issues

  1. Reboot Your Rockspace

The very first hack you need to implement is to reboot your range extender. Perhaps, a technical glitch is hampering its overall working.

So, turn off your Rockspace extender for some time and then turn it on back. Check whether you can now complete its configuration process or not.

  1. Check Cable Connections

If rebooting has not brought you any success, then check whether the cable connecting your WiFi devices is working fine or not.

There is a chance that the cable you are using to connect the Rockspace extender to your router is broken at some point. If so, get it replaced or connect your Rockspace to the access point or router wirelessly.

  1. Update Web Browser

You may also face issues while installing your Rockspace extender if the web browser you have used for accessing the rockspace.local web address is running an outdated software version.

To get the issue fixed, you need to update your web browser as well as clear cache and cookies from it.

  1. Look for Typing Errors

Are you sure the web address used by you for accessing the setup wizard of your extender is entered correctly without any mistakes?

This is to inform you that a single typing error in the web address of your Rockspace extender can lead you to an error message instead of directing you to the login page. So, type the web address correctly into the address field of your browser.

  1. Check Placement

Users can also experience issues while configuring their extenders if they have not placed the devices at their ideal locations.

FYI, to get success with the Rockspace extender setup process, you need to place the extender within the range of your router and in a well-ventilated area.

  1. Keep WiFi Interference Away

It has been found that users who have placed their Rockspace extenders near electronic appliances are high in number facing setup issues.

So, we suggest you keep your extender away from the reach of certain things like microwave ovens, baby monitors, cellular phones, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Apart from such things, reflexive surfaces and aluminum studs can also interfere with the signals of your router and extender, hampering their working. So, while you are doing Rockspace extender setup, consider keeping these things at bay.

  1. Confirm the Configuration Process

If nothing has worked for you so far and still you can’t configure your Rockspace extender, it seems that you are not following the right steps for making things happen.

Well, for resolving the issues, either check the next section or get access to the manual of your device for help.

How to Set up Rockspace Extender?

Users can install their Rockspace extenders in a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  • Connect the extender to the router, wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable.

  • Power up the extender.

  • Get access to your computer and open a web browser.

  • Type your Rockspace extender’s default web address.

  • Proceed further to the login page by hitting Enter.

  • You then need to fill in the admin login details.

  • Once done, click Log In and the setup wizard of your Rockspace extender will come into view.

  • You will be notified to follow certain instructions.

Follow all the details in the same manner and complete the Rockspace extender setup process.

In a Nutshell

This is all about how to fix Rockspace extender setup issues and make your device work in a hassle-free manner.

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