Informational Guide to Resolve TP-Link Extender Setup Issues

Informational Guide to Resolve TP-Link Extender Setup Issues

12 September 2022

Due to their top-notch performance, a number of people have turned towards TP-Link WiFi range extenders. Ninety percent of the users have given good feedback regarding the range extender; however, the remaining ten percent are not that happy. The reason being, they are unable to perform TP Link WiFi extender setup.

Are you also experiencing TP Link extender setup issues? Well, in that case, you have made your way to the right post. Here, you will come across every hack required to troubleshoot the issues that you are facing. Thus, scroll down, and read on.

[Resolved] TP-Link Extender Setup Issues

  1. Check the Power Supply

Commence the troubleshooting process by checking the power socket that has been given the task to supply power to your TP-Link extender. In case, it is damaged from any point, it is recommended that you repair it right away.

On the off chance, doing so does not work for you; consider giving the responsibility to supply power to your wireless range extender to another socket.

  1. Change the Connection Source

Perhaps, you have used the wrong source of connection to connect your TP-Link range extender and router, i.e. wireless. Know that there is nothing wrong with connecting your devices wirelessly. Almost everybody’s life is dependent on wireless connection these days.

It’s just, you can never rely on a wireless connection and it can drop at any minute of the day. Therefore, take our advice and spend your money on an Ethernet cable to connect your networking devices. Just make sure that the Ethernet cable is tightly connected to the ports of both the extender and router.

  1. Use the Address Bar Only

Have a look at the location where you have inserted the web address of your TP-Link range extender. Do you see entered in the search bar of the browser? Well, that is exactly what you should not have done.

Entering the web address in the search bar will only redirect you to the wrong website. Thus, make use of the address field to access the login page via the web address. Once done, check if you are still stuck with the TP-Link extender setup issues. In case you are, waste no more time moving to the next troubleshooting hack.

  1. Enter the Correct Admin Details

Many users make the mistake of using the wrong login password and username to access the Quick Setup wizard for the TP-Link extender setup issues. There is a possibility that you made the same mistake.

Therefore, it is recommended that you rectify if by putting the correct login credentials to use. Do cross-check them before clicking on the Log In button.

  1. Relocate the TP-Link Extender

Although one of the above-mentioned hacks would have helped you to troubleshoot the TP Link extender setup issues, in case, they haven’t, then it is probably because your extender is surrounded by transmitting appliances like cellular phones, washing machines, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, etc.

To take care of the problem, you need to do one simple thing. i.e. relocation of your TP Link wireless range extender. While doing so, also ensure that the extender is not kept near mirrors and fish tanks.

  1. Perform Factory Default Reset

Still got your knickers in a twist because of the TP-Link extender setup issues? Well then, this calls for a major decision. You ought to reset your wireless range extender. In other words, it means that your extender will get restored to its default mode.

Are you ready to take the risk? Yes? Well then, follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below to reset your wireless device:

  • Look at every side of your TP-Link extender.
  • You will soon find a teeny-tiny Reset button.
  • It will be located right below the WPS button.
  • Once found, press it carefully.
  • Now, wait for some time and let your device get restored.

Right after you are done resetting your TP-Link wireless range extender, you need to set it up from scratch. You can do so using two methods: the Manual method and TP Link app.

In Conclusion

With that, we have reached the end of our post written on how the TP-Link extender setup issues can be resolved. Which was the hack that helped you out the most to get over them? Do share your answer with your fellow readers via the comment section.

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