Let Your Users Access On-demand Medical Services Using Gojek Clone App

Let Your Users Access On-demand Medical Services Using Gojek Clone App

12 September 2022

Mobile technology has the ability to alter our future and health objectives because it allows us to access anything from anywhere at any time. The apps are meant to provide quick health care, as well as improving medication reconciliation accuracy. Whether it is integrated within the app as “On-demand Medical Services” or it is a complete Health-care App it is aimed to offer better care and health facilities right at the users’ fingertips.

Coming over to Gojek Clone’s On-demand Medical Services, this is a new added attraction. The services has been well-thought and implemented after witnessing the huge urge from the entrepreneurs and the rising needs of the users who wish to have everything under a single application.

One download, one login the app comes equipped with 82+ services with primary services neatly categorized to cater the huge growing customer base.

On-demand Medical Services Is Shaping Up The Future Of Medical Practice

In the near future, the market for medical on-demand app services will undoubtedly experience a boom thanks to the development of new, cutting-edge technology in the healthcare sector.

The industry, which is worth billions of dollars, plays a crucial part in our lives by offering quick consultations, medication prescriptions, and therapy.  It indicates that the Healthcare services was developed with the user’s needs in mind. The consumer is the most important factor from the very beginning of company strategy and app development; everything is done with the customer in mind.

What further advantages do app-based healthcare services offer? From a commercial standpoint, the right monetization and business strategy might bring firm owners millions of dollars in revenue.

Let’s explore the subject further and learn about the benefits of this service.

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What Does On-demand Medical Services in Gojek Clone KingX 2022 Comprises of?

The Medical Services On-demand comes with varied amenities offering to your users.  This includes:

Book an appointment

The service allows the users to book doctor’s as well as other healthcare professional’s appointment in a jiffy. The users have to open the app, login using their social media credentials and access the Medical professionals like General physicians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Medical practitioners of other medical branch, Nurses, etc. They can book the appointments accordingly and make the payment within the app.

On-demand video consultation

Gojek Clone’s On-demand Medical Services aids your user by offering, Online Video Chat” option. This way, the user shall be able to schedule their online video session in few minutes that doesn’t require the need of visiting the doctor personally. The medical case/issue can be consulted over the video session thus getting quick resolution of the same.

Once you have schedule the video chat with the doctor, the professional will sent the confirmation of the same. Once the session ends, the app automatically deducts the payment via credit card. The system for the online video consultation only accepts credit card payments.

More On-demand services

This includes on-demand services like Pharmacy stores, On-demand Ambulance, Vet and Blood Bank. The user can browse these service providers in their area and book accordingly.  The service work-flow will work exactly like how any on-demand service app works.

For e.g. if your user is looking for the pharmacy stores, the user will login into the app and start searching for the stores in the area. Once he/she has chosen the store will start adding the items to the cart and further moving to the checkout process. They will make payment using any of the payment gateways and get the stuff delivered at the doorstep.

Final Thoughts

The on-demand industry is expanding so swiftly that this could be your chance to advance. Use our Gojek Clone App with On-Demand Medical Services App to launch your own multi-service company and you’ll be on the business map in no time. Our app’s simple flow makes it easy for users to start using it right away.

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