Facts About Vaping [You Need to Know]

Facts About Vaping [You Need to Know]

12 September 2022

Maybe you knew that most vapes contained nicotine, which is where most of the risk arises, but some of these facts may still surprise you.

Just let it be known you have more reasons than one to invest in a quality no-nicotine vape if you want to continue enjoying the vaping experience, or even if you’re just getting started vaping.

  • According to a CDC study, upwards of 99% of vaping products sold in the United States continue nicotine.
  • It is a bit of a misconception that cigarette smoking is only harmful because of the tar and other chemicals in the smoke. Nicotine is also considered not only an addictive but a harmful substance.
  • Nicotine is implicated in the hardening and narrowing of the arteries.
  • Nicotine raises blood pressure and heart rate and can cause nausea, dizziness, and irritability.
  • Nicotine may accelerate cellular division and may even be a carcinogen.
  • Nicotine may even have adverse effects on the development of the brain – which, by the way, continues developing till age 25.
  • More concerning is this: the average vape user is 15 to 19 years old, and 90% of all cigarette smokers start before 18.
  • The average age of a new ciagrette smoker is 13 years old.
  • Nicotine use in adolescence increases the risk of using other drugs later in life: the so-called “gateway drug” effect.
  • E-cigarettes and other vaping devices that contain nicotine are just as addictive as cigarettes, and depending on the nicotine concentration, potentially more so.
  • Some vapes contain as much nicotine as is present in 50 cigarettes.
  • Some vapes are not free of the harmful additives that are also found in cigarettes. For instance, come vaping e-liquids contain heavy metals like nickel and lead, along with VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.
  • Nicotine is a toxin; swallowing or absorbing e-liquid through the skin or eyes can be very dangerous.
  • Nicotine is not the only dangerous substance found in many vape liquids.
  • Flavoring agents that are present in some vape blends can also be potentially harmful. For instance, some vape liquids contain diacetyl, a flavoring agent that has been linked to the development of a respiratory disease known as “popcorn lung.”
  • Other e-liquids contain vitamin E acetate, which is linked to EVALI, or “E-Cigarette or Vaping Use Associated Lung Injury.” This additive can cause the lung’s surfactant layer to collapse, resulting in pain, inflammation, and difficulty breathing.
  • Nicotine is not only potentially harmful during periods of use. Even quitting can be harrowing, causing severe withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, cravings, restlessness, insomnia, and much worse.
  • Ironically, e-cigarette use can actually increase the risk and frequency of cigarette smoking later in life, despite the fact that vapes are often marketed as safe alternatives to cigarettes and tobacco cessation devices.
  • Just because a vape liquid is nicotine free does not make it “safe.” There are other things to look for.
  • Not all vape juices contain nicotine.

Given the previous and final fact, it’s important to recognize that there are some vape products out there that are designed to solve some of these issues.

Some no-nicotine vapes take it a step further, not only eliminating nicotine entirely from their vape juices but by removing other known harmful additives.

Consider, for example, Cyclone Pods vape devices and e-liquids. They produce a wide range of vape products, including but not limited to pre-filled disposable non-nicotine vapes as well as vape systems that take pre-filled pods – also using nicotine-free vape juices.

Their unique 0 nicotine vape juice blends, which are available in a variety of flavors (more than 15), are all made without nicotine. They’re also made without vitamin E acetate, diacetyl, and many of the other known harmful additives that plague the vape industry.

This lack of nicotine is more than just better for your overall health. Because there is no nicotine in their vape juice blends, there is more room in their formulas for vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which enable these vapes to produce bigger, thicker clouds and more potent throat hits.

The lack of nicotine also means there’s more room in the blends for extra natural and artificial flavoring agents – which is all there is in them, just PG, VG, and natural and artificial flavors.

non-nicotine vape

Ready to Get Started with a No-Nicotine Vape? We Have the Solution

Cyclone Pods (CyclonePods.com) carries several different popular no-nicotine vapes, including the Thunder Device, and two nicotine-free disposable vape pens, the Gust and Gust Plus.

The Thunder Device has a battery that lasts longer than a JUUL and uses pods with more than twice the capacity of a standard JUUL pod. Moreover, it is discrete and easy to use.

Their disposables are even more convenient. Try the Gust, rated to last up to 200 puffs, or the Gust Plus, rated up to 600, for potent flavor and a quick vape fix.

If you’re looking to get away from the long-term health risks and side effects of the nicotine consumption that accompanies regular vapes, make the change by visiting Cyclone Pods today and start nicotine-free vaping.

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