Top 5 Metaverse Projects in 2022 That Might Roar Valiantly!

Top 5 Metaverse Projects in 2022 That Might Roar Valiantly!

12 September 2022

The virtual realm supported by blockchains and various reality-based technologies (VR/AR) has been growing exponentially over the years. While platforms that let people live a digital version of life have existed for a long time (Yes, Second Life It is!), the element of digitally empowering people fully has been in progress only recently. If you ask how, “metaverse development” is the answer any expert studying the domain will give, as these virtual worlds are set to rule the upcoming decades with unlimited power accompanied by favoritism from the public. This blog provides insights on the top 5 metaverse projects that have been riding on high tides this year.


Being one of the earliest metaverse projects, Decentraland offers something close to the ideal virtual realm by enabling people to socialize with others using digital avatars. Running on the Ethereum network, it has been banking on crypto tokens $MANA and $LAND, which represent the platform’s native cryptocurrency and virtual land parcels, respectively. The platform is still emerging, with a lot of promise for the future, as users are free to do anything with their NFT-backed land parcels. Several brands and event management agencies have opened and begun operations on Decentraland, which gives us glimpses of what the future of metaverse application development would look like.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is one of the Ethereum-based metaverse crypto projects that is based on voxels similar to the open-source Web2 game Minecraft. The native token of the platform is $SAND which has been one of the most sought-after metaverse investment options after a massive influx of celebrities like Snoop Dogg. Voxels in The Sandbox represent land assets, which can be used for creating in-world platforms such as NFT marketplaces, social spaces, and minigames. Such flexibility makes The Sandbox popular among businesses and Web3 enthusiasts alike, as there are even chances for both sets of users to succeed on this platform.

Axie Infinity

While Axie Infinity might not look like the utopian metaverse model we are reminded of due to science fiction, it still ticks some basic points to qualify among the top metaverse projects. It is a battle-based game that uses Pokemon-inspired monsters called “Axies.” Each Axie is backed by an NFT, which can be bred and upskilled to raise its value. The native tokens $AXS and $SLP help users to participate in governance decisions and spending inside the platform, respectively. Axie Infinity can be hailed to be a top instance for a metaverse application development idea to get recognized as a Play-to-Earn NFT game.


By the looks of it, Enjin might not look like other metaverse projects, although it provides metaverse application development support. Enjin is an ecosystem that assists individuals, businesses, and developers in experiencing the power of metaverse development by allowing them to build, run, and use metaverse-based applications such as NFT marketplaces, games, and other applications. $ENJ is the platform’s native token that has been popular in recent times owing to the platform’s flexibility. Being on Ethereum and Polkadot adds to its popularity, and Enjin has multiple applications, including a wallet, gaming platforms, and an NFT marketplace. It also has Efinity, which is Enjin’s metaverse, and JumpNet, a scaling solution for the Ethereum network.  

The Otherside

Developed by Yuga Labs, the pioneer PFP venture behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, The Otherside is a play-to-earn metaverse crypto project based on the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game) genre. Its native token is denoted by $APE, and the NFT land parcels are called “Otherdeeds.” The project is still evolving, with the developers stating that an 11-part storyline based on Bored Ape NFTs has just begun. Still, it is esteemed to become a top metaverse project shortly. 


In this blog, you have seen the top metaverse projects that might give you a glimpse of how metaverse development can be a great business option. Should you get interested and have a mind-boggling idea, the next thing you need to do is to approach a metaverse development company that can assist you in realizing your dream, albeit in the virtual world. So, why are you wondering? It’s time to put your dreaming caps on and get vivid dreams that could change the world forever!

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