Thinking About Getting a Moldavite Pendant? We Answered the Top Questions

Thinking About Getting a Moldavite Pendant? We Answered the Top Questions

12 September 2022

Today’s market isn’t all gold and diamonds. The discerning collector or spiritualist can take his or her pick from many rare and exquisite gemstones that, though they might have less of a classic bent, are interesting nonetheless.

Take, for example, moldavite. Moldavite pendants and necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and charms are growing in popularity, and it is due in part only to the unique color and nature of moldavite.

Here’s what you should know.

What Is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a beautiful forest green, olive green, or light blue-green stone, a type of special stone known as a tektite.

There is something unique about moldavite, though. Whereas most other stones are formed under the earth through igneous or tectonic processes, moldavite is a type of silica glass that is formed during bolide impacts.

In case you’ve never heard of a bolide, it is a meteorite. You read that right.

Tektites, like moldavite, are formed when meteorites strike the earth, compressing and heating up minerals and ejecting them from the impact site. Sometimes these tektites land many miles away from where the impact occurred.

Genuine moldavite is believed to have formed 14.7 million years ago during the impact that formed the Nördlinger Ries Crater in Southern Germany. The mineral is named after the Moldau River in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) where the stones were first described.

Today, moldavite continues to be recovered from Southern Germany, where most deposits are located. The stones are used to make pendants, amulets, and other jewelry and trinkets.

Why Is Moldavite So Expensive?

As in all areas of economics, the two drivers of price are supply and demand. In this instance, however, there is a unique consideration to be made.

No more of it can be made since it was all formed during a fairly short period of time 15 million years ago in the aftermath of the bolide strike indicated above.

This makes moldavite unique from other precious stones like diamonds and sapphires, which are produced via natural processes under the earth. It takes a long time to “make” them, but more can be produced.

This is not the case with moldavite. No more can be produced, and there is a fairly limited supply on top of that, to begin with. It is estimated that there are about 275 tons of moldavite in the world at the present time.

That sounds like a lot, but to put it in perspective, there are an estimated quadrillion tons of diamonds, and almost two million tons of sterling silver.

So, really, there’s not a lot of moldavite in the world! The extremely limited supply is the main reason that moldavite is so expensive.

Does Moldavite Have Any Healing Powers or Special Meaning?

Now let’s talk about why people wear moldavite pendants, rings, and other jewelry!

Of course, the main reason people are attracted to moldavite is that it is a beautiful and exquisite, not to mention rare, gemstone.

Moldavite naturally occurs in rich sea green, deep forest green, and warm olive green colors, and is occasionally found to possess a light bluish tint.

In addition, some consider moldavite’s natural origins to be mystical. It is closely associated with the earth chakra and is occasionally used in some healing rituals. It is also associated with the crown, third eye, and heart chakras.

Moldavite is also seen by some as a “stone of transformation.” This is somewhat fitting, at least symbolically, since moldavite literally consists of silicon and aluminum that were physically transformed as a result of contact with a rock from space!

Some also believe that wearing moldavite can help the wearer vibe with natural earth frequencies and that it has value for cleansing rituals and meditation. Others believe that wearing moldavite during meditation can help the wearer’s soul ascend and connect with the earth and cosmos – the Divine Mind.

Others yet believe that moldavite releases blockages and allows the wearer to transcend time, allowing him or her to explore the past through a different lens.

Moldavite is also seen as a stone that provides protection and which encourages growth and transformation, allowing the wearer to transcend temporal obstacles and other obstructions to growth and progress.

Moldavite is believed to be able to help those that wear it to release old, intense, painful thoughts and emotions and to move past them.

Finally, some believe moldavite is a charm that can help usher in good fortune, improve memory, and attract love to the wearer.

Moldavite Pendant

Where Can You Get a High-Quality, Genuine Moldavite Pendant?

Looking for a high-quality moldavite pendant that will enable you to take full advantage of the extraterrestrial powers of this extraordinary and extremely rare gemstone?

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