Practice Fusion EHR vs TherapyNotes – EMR of the Year

Practice Fusion EHR vs TherapyNotes – EMR of the Year

12 September 2022

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based EHR (electronic health records) solution that integrates care teams and professional settings. Electronic medical records from Practice Fusion are designed with medical professionals, service providers, analysts, and patients in mind. To increase patient involvement, its app features a patient portal via which patients may quickly access their PHR (patient health record) information.

TherapyNotes is a web-based EHR system that has been designed for us by mental and behavioral individual practitioners and multi-physician practices. The EHR software can be accessed on a mobile and is suitable for practices operating from more than one location. It allows healthcare users to draw up and then customize patient treatment plans, write and update progress reports, and create psychological and psychiatric patient profiles and evaluations.

Let’s take a look at Practice Fusion EHR vs TherapyNotes for a quick comparison of their features, prices, and demos.

Practice Fusion

Key Features

Medical Billing

Anyone operating a medical practice will find Praxis EHR’s billing feature highly useful. With this capacity, you may expedite the billing process since the computer automates several billing-related procedures, resulting in fewer mistakes.

This is because the computer inputs the majority of billing data, reducing the likelihood of human error during bill preparation and expediting patient reimbursement. Ultimately, the Act does not need to be amended or reissued.

Prescription Tools

Practice Fusion lets you manage prescriptions efficiently, including those for prohibited drugs and those needing prior permission. You can send prescriptions to any drugstore in the nation that accepts e-Prescribing. Manage medicine orders in the EHR from any location and at any time. Send restricted drug prescriptions electronically (EPCS) in all fifty states. Receive notifications and savings possibilities for patients at the point of treatment.

Lab Integration

You can receive organized findings right in the patient’s record, with aberrant results automatically noted to aid in identifying treatment requirements. You can share data electronically through the free patient portal to reduce follow-up phone calls and quickly fulfill Meaningful Use standards. Refer, and exchange lab orders, imaging findings, structured clinical data, and chart notes with any practitioner in the United States.

Practice Fusion EHR Pricing

The monthly cost of the Practice Fusion EHR for each provider is $149. This membership includes training, assistance with implementation, and team support from Practice Fusion.

It also provides a free trial.

Practice Fusion EHR Demo

A brief introduction is always useful when you wish to launch the program. You can book a Practice Fusion EHR demo by filling out a form on the vendor’s profile.

Practice Fusion EHR Reviews

According to evaluations of Practice Fusion EHR, consumers enjoy it since it is an ONC-ATCB-certified, feature-rich system. It offers advanced compliance monitoring, a library of configurable templates, handwriting recognition, and several other useful functions.


Key Features

Patient Notes

The core of TherapyNotes is its comprehensive patient note function. The form-based notes system was created explicitly for therapy, counseling, psychology, social work, and psychiatry to meet the special note needs of these professions. There are several templates for specialized notes that cater to these specialties too. It allows you to create unique treatment plans, psychiatric assessments, progress, and termination notes, among many others, making it simple to organize and finish your notes.

Medical Billing

TherapyNotes provides a fully-integrated billing system within your EHR, including electronic insurance claims, assisted ERA payment posting, billing reports, and superbills, to help you save time and get paid faster. Your search for the most competent medical billing software for mental health is complete, whether or not you accept insurance. You may easily resubmit claims, review claim rejections, and monitor the status of electronic claims.

Patient Scheduling Tools

TherapyNotes recognizes the unique workflow of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists; hence, it provides a calendar view to assist you schedule appointments for particular patients or practice locations. You may choose between daily, weekly, and monthly displays or check your forthcoming schedule. In addition, you can simply make one-time or recurring appointments, as well as set up staff work schedules and meetings. You will be able to monitor clinician schedules, patient appointments, associated notes, and billing schedules.

Patient Portal

Using ‘TherapyPortal’ on their mobile device, patients can independently manage appointments. Physicians may remotely connect with their patients via exchanging messages, video conferencing, and making notes, among other methods. Includes color scheme, logo, and welcome message setup.

TherapyNotes EHR Pricing

The price of TherapyNotes supports three pricing tiers. There are three-tier price tiers: Solo, Group, and Enterprise. The Solo plan costs $49 per month per user and is design for sole practitioners. The Group plan costs $59 per month for the first clinician, with subsequent users paying less. Enterprise Therapy Notes, however, costs $59 per month and needs a minimum of 30 users to expand.

TherapyNotes Demo

You may book a TherapyNotes software demonstration online if you are interest in determining the program’s compatibility by seeing it from various perspectives.

TherapyNotes Reviews

Users enjoy TherapyNotes for various reasons, including the fact that it is simple to use, as shown by an analysis of user evaluations. It offers customer assistance, ensures practitioners get training on best practices, and continually upgrades the system to accommodate the ever-changing nature of virtual care.

Final Thoughts

Practice Fusion EMR is an entirely cloud-base SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware or storage space. Choosing the appropriate EMR system is one of the most crucial choices you can make for the success of your healthcare company.

TherapyNotes is a safe, user-friendly platform for notes, billing, and scheduling that helps mental health therapists operate their clinics more efficiently. TherapyNotes simplifies administrative procedures, allowing practitioners to devote more time and focus to providing great care to clients.

Ultimately, the final choice depends on you, and you can carefully sift through the features to decide which of the two will be better for your day-to-day operations. Additionally, you can schedule the respective demos of Practice Fusion and TherapyNotes to see their capabilities and their compatibility for your practice.

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