GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced Review

GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced Review

12 September 2022

If you search online – best whey protein in India, the results will leave you super confused. There are so many types of whey protein supplements available in the market. Sometimes it gets daunting to choose the best one. It is always advisable that you listen to the recommendation of your trainer and doctor to know which whey protein would work the best for you.  If you choose a whey protein that aligns with your fitness goals, then it would definitely show great results. One such amazing whey protein that suits all kinds of fitness needs is GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced. 

Over the years I have tried various whey protein supplements, but the one that has worked the best is GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced. I am a beginner level fitness enthusiast and through my dedication would like to transition to intermediate level soon. GNC whey protein advanced helps me not just build lean muscle mass, but it also reduces fatigue which in turn improves my athletic performance. Based on my fitness routine, my trainer recommended this whey protein to me. I have been consistently taking it since the past 3 months and the results have been amazing. 

Whey protein is one of the most popular fitness supplements. It is obtained as a by-product during the cheese making process. The liquid whey is dried and goes through various stages of filtration to get the end product which is premium quality whey protein. There are three types of whey protein – whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolyzed. GNC Whey Protein Advanced has the goodness of all these three protein and helps to increase muscle mass. 

Benefits of whey protein 

Some of the main benefits of whey protein are – 

  • Helps in gaining lean muscle mass 
  • Aids in weight loss and weight management 
  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness after intense workouts 
  • Helps with post-workout recovery 
  • Improves stamina and enhances exercise performance 
  • May reduce blood pressure and cholesterol 
  • Improves metabolism 
  • Boosts immunity 

GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced Review 

One of the best whey protein supplements available in the market is GNC AMP Gold Series Whey Protein Advanced. I have been into fitness and do regular gymming since many years now. Over the course of my fitness journey I have tried various whey protein powders. Recently on the recommendation of my trainer, I switched to GNC Whey Protein Advanced and it has been a game changer. I knew that this GNC whey protein is known for its amazing quality and delivers targeted results. But now that I have started consuming it myself, I can vouch for it. 

It is available in 4 delicious variants – 

  • Double rich chocolate 
  • Vanilla 
  • Delicious strawberry 
  • Cookies and cream 

Each serving of GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced delivers 24 g high quality protein for muscle building, 5.5 g BCAAs to help prevent muscle breakdown after intense workouts, 4 g glutamine ad glutamine precursors to help speed up muscle recovery process, and 100 mg digestive enzymes including Lactase and Protease that speed up nutrient breakdown and help with better nutrient absorption. It is a gluten free formula that mixes instantly, leaves no powdery residue, and is ideal for both men and women.

I buy it directly from the website. It is super convenient to shop from the GNC official website and I can avail great deals and discounts. The best part about shopping from the website is that I get the guarantee of best quality and 100% authentic products. 

Some of the main benefits of GNC whey protein advanced are – 

  • Rich amino acid profile 

You know that a whey protein is good when it has has all 9 essential amino acids. Each serving of GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced provides 11 g essential amino acids to fuel muscle synthesis, help with post-workout recovery, and to reduce fatigue and muscle cramps after intense workouts. 

  • Enriched with digestive enzymes 

Sometimes digesting whey protein becomes a tad bit difficult. But not in the case of GNC whey protein advanced. It is enriched with the goodness of digestive enzymes which makes it easy on the stomach and quick to get absorbed. I was surprised to see that there was no bloating or any other digestive discomfort when I started taking this whey protein powder. 

How to consume GNC whey protein advanced? 

I am biased towards the chocolate flavor and it is my favorite among all the flavors available. It gets mixed instantly, tastes amazing, and is super versatile. You can consume this whey protein supplement in 3 easy ways – 

  • Shake it – Add 1 scoop of this GNC whey protein with 180 – 240 ml cold water or milk. Mix in the shaker for 30 seconds and your yummy chocolate protein shake is ready. 
  • Blend it – Blend it with your favorite fruits or berries and yogurt to make a delicious smoothie. You can have it pre-workout or top it with granola and have it as breakfast. 
  • Eat it – Add it to breakfast and dessert recipes like pancakes, muffins, protein bars etc. to get the goodness of protein minus the extra calories. 

The debate of when to have the whey protein can never end. You can have GNC whey protein advanced –

  • In the morning (in breakfast or early morning)

During your sleep of 6-8 hours muscles become inactive and start to breakdown because of lack of protein. It would be a good idea to have whey protein first thing in the morning or in breakfast. It will prevent muscle breakdown and will maintain your energy levels throughout the day.  

  • In-between meals 

If you are someone who wants to lose weight or are on a weight management journey, then it is highly recommended that you have whey protein in-between meals. It will keep you satiated and you would not munch on snacks which can add to excess calories. 

  • Post workouts 

After an intense workout session it is really important to provide your body the right nourishment for recovery. GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced is enriched with the goodness of high quality protein and other essential nutrients. I usually prefer to have a thick and creamy chocolate protein shake after my workout session. 

Some people like to have 2 doses of whey protein, one after workout and one before bedtime. You can get in touch with your trainer to know what would be the best time to have the whey protein supplement. 

The one mistake that a lot of people make in terms of whey protein is to randomly start consuming any supplement. Make sure to consult your doctor before including any new whey protein supplement in your fitness routine. Also, go through the dosage instructions mentioned on each pack. Do not consume excess amount as it may cause side effects and may even trigger allergic reactions. Some of the most common side effects of whey protein are – nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, redness and rashes etc.

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