10 Brilliant Investment Ideas for Muslim Women In 2022

10 Brilliant Investment Ideas for Muslim Women In 2022

11 September 2022

In the globalized world today, making the right investments is essential for both men and women alike. Making these investments can be a challenge for Muslim women as in the past; opportunities for them to invest were very limited.
Keeping the regulations of the Sharia law in mind, there are investment ideas for Muslim women that can be explored. The following are a few such ideas:

1. Business
Investing in a business can be beneficial for Muslim women because the entire plan can be designed in line with the preferences of the investor. The money can be managed according to the teachings of Islam which instruct in avoiding riba or interest. The details of which can be found on the Islamic Finder app or website.
There are two approaches that women can take up. They can become the main investors of a business run by another party or set up one to be run by them. The type of business can vary from retail to one that provides services.

2. Gold
Gold is a traditional source of investment but it still stands as one of the most low-risk investments, especially among women. Even though the rate of gold fluctuates in the market, it is a physical entity and there are close to no chances of loss. The investors can sell it according to their liking and many trading platforms allow gold to be traded on stock exchanges.

3. Cash
Another physical investment is cash. Investing in cash is slightly risky because its value gets directly impacted by increasing inflation but due to its liquidity and accessibility, it is still worth the investment.
Women can invest and put some cash aside in the safe to be liquefied later. This cash can be in the currency of the state they are residing in or of a state that has a currency of a higher value.

4. Stocks
Most Muslims are apprehensive about investing in stocks as the money exchange usually includes riba but there are ways of finding whether a stock is halal. These stocks can belong to various sectors ranging from those of the manufacturing industry to those from the healthcare sector.
This is a gender-inclusive form of investment that can benefit women as much as it benefits men. Investors can buy the shares of the company of their choice or they can invest in funds through stock managers. While there is a risk of loss when it comes to investing in stocks, it may all be worth it in the end.

5. Storage Units
Storage unit rentals are relevant throughout the world and are usually in high demand. Investors have to find an appropriate location for their unit and then market it impeccably.
It is an excellent investment because it can be extremely profitable while not being labor intensive either. Storage units will never lose their relevance because people will always need to place their extra belongings.

6. Bed and Breakfast
Another brilliant investment idea for women is to set up a bed and breakfast. Tourists are often on the lookout for a homely, local place to stay during their trip. This idea is ideal for Muslim women because they can develop it according to their liking.
Simultaneously, this idea isn’t labor intensive. Bed and breakfasts do require managerial work but aren’t as intense as hotels or even inns. Simultaneously, in such a setting, women can entirely manage the money which allows them to look over the account and make sure everything is in accordance with the regulations in Islam.
7. Home flipping
Globally, a large percentage of women work in interior design and architecture. The skills and training they acquire can be put to use in flipping houses. Throughout the world, this investment idea has proven to be very successful especially amongst Muslims as they can easily avoid riba and any other practices unacceptable in Islam.
Women can invest in old homes and renovate them. These houses, once completed, can be resold at a price that allows them to generate a handsome amount of profit.
8. Land
Investing in land is also a great option. This is the kind of investment that can be kept safe for decades and sold only when the investors are ready to sell. The ownership of the land would belong to the individuals and they can manage it according to their liking.
Women can use their money to invest in land, commercial or residential, and sell it whenever they want the profit. The land is the kind of property whose selling price can be far more than its buying price resulting in a large gain of profit.

9. Technology
The growth in technology has skyrocketed in the 21st century which is why it is a brilliant idea to invest in this sector.
The investment can be done through stocks or by directly investing in a company. There are several advisors that can assist Muslim women in investing in the right place in the world of technology.

10. Laundromat
Laundromats are not the most conventional investments but are establishments that have been around for decades. Most of the work and investment are required in the beginning to set up the Laundromat, after that the investors are required to collect the earnings and look over the setup from time to time.
Laundromats are a necessity for many individuals even to this day. They allow a great work-life balance. This is an excellent halal source of income and is perfect for Muslim women to invest in.

Investing your hard-earned money in the right place has its challenges but in the times we exist, finding a suitable place to invest isn’t impossible. Muslim women have to face more difficulties because in the past there was very little room for them to invest especially in line with Islamic principles.
The aforementioned ideas are diverse and gender inclusive. They allow Muslim women to conduct proper research and carry out their investments. In case they do face any hurdles, several advisors are present who can help them go through with these ideas.

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