Tips to Choose the Best Microsoft Security Course Certification for Your Career

Tips to Choose the Best Microsoft Security Course Certification for Your Career

10 September 2022

Before investing your time and resources in a course, it is best to understand the value that it yields. As per the latest report, security-related skills are among the top competencies an IT professional must possess.


Candidates pursuing Microsoft certifications can attain these skills. In addition, these certifications will help you get up to speed with the technical expertise required to qualify for Microsoft tech-related positions. On average, Microsoft comes with more than 250 certifications for various levels of expertise on associated exams.


Types of Microsoft Certification:

A Microsoft certification is aimed at getting individuals ready for a lot of existing as well as future technologies it offers. If you are looking to get certified, there are three types of certifications that you should be looking for.


  • Fundamental: This is the entry-level course for Microsoft certification. This is for those individuals who want to take their first steps in the world of IT and need to polish on the basics.


  • Associate: If you have two-plus years of work experience in the related domain, you can begin with the Associate Level. If you do not have experience in a particular technology, Microsoft generally advises you to start with the Fundamental certifications before going ahead with the Associate level.


  • Expert: If you have work experience of more than three years, you can go ahead with the expert level. You first need to clear the associate-level exams before you can qualify for the expert-level certification courses.


If you are not sure about where you should start, these tips will help you choose the best Microsoft courses:


Study on Training Materials/Courses:

In the absence of proper resources, you should partner with an online learning institution offering Microsoft courses. Such a learning partner will help you provide excellent training, enabling you to acquire the certification easily.


Take a Test: 

If you have experience dealing with a particular technology that the course covers, you should consider taking a test. Your performance for such a test will help you analyze your skills. Depending on the results, you can choose a certification that best complements your proficiency level.


Check your Objectives: 

Before selecting a course, you should consider what you plan to achieve by doing this certification. For instance, if you want to become a Microsoft trainer or an SME, going for a Microsoft training certification is the best way forward. Essentially, the certificate should unlock considerable benefits in terms of knowledge and skills that will help you both in your job and future workplace.


High Potential for Growth:

You can also select a course based on the potential it has. For instance, Microsoft security courses will unlock new opportunities. You can become a cyber security analyst, network administrator, software developer, etc.


Pursuing any Microsoft certification will help you strengthen your CV. By upskilling yourself, you will set yourself apart from the competition and have a better chance of succeeding and getting the job you want.


In addition, having a proper skill set is quintessential to building expertise. Hence, you will get myriad opportunities based on your competence.


A bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Science is just a foundation. Still, once you are in the industry, the Microsoft program will help you develop adequate knowledge in your chosen domain. Since you get multiple tiers of training, you not only get to refresh your existing knowledge but add more value to your skillset, helping you build a great professional portfolio.

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