The Benefits and Challenges of Training and Coaching

The Benefits and Challenges of Training and Coaching

10 September 2022


Training and coaching are two types of development programs that support the learning and development of individuals. In training and coaching, an experienced person provides guidance and support to the learner, sometimes called the coachee. The coachee receives personalized instruction from the coach, who often acts as a mentor. The two-way interaction is essential to the growth and development of a person.

Lessons from Tim Hagen’s company

Tim Hagen is a nationally recognized workplace coaching expert. He is also a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner, trainer, and author of five books on workplace coaching. Tim is a keynote speaker at large organizations and teaches the value of coaching in business settings. His unique insight and experience have made him a sought-after speaker for a variety of organizations.

In addition to running his company, Tim is a devoted husband and father. He will be sorely missed by his wife Jodi and son Scotty. Donations will go towards helping them through this difficult time. He was taken from them far too soon. The money donated will help them with medical bills and funeral expenses.

Purpose of training and coaching

Investing in training and coaching is an important part of a modern organisation’s strategy for productivity improvement. However, training and coaching can be costly for organisations, as it involves travel expenses and time away from work. The average organisation spends PS300 per employee a year on training and development. Moreover, the benefits of training are only realized when a comprehensive training programme is implemented.

The main purpose of coaching is to increase the performance of an individual or a team. This is accomplished by developing a strategic plan of action that promotes a change in behavior over time. Coaching helps an employee or a team to develop new skills, improve current performance, and maximize use of resources. Moreover, it boosts employee morale and satisfaction. It also helps individuals develop a sense of self-worth and belonging.

While training is an easy option, it is not always effective. It must be tailored to meet the needs of a specific group and must be reinforced over time to ensure effectiveness. Coaching is more effective and involves less risk, but it cannot be used in all situations.


The challenges of training and coaching can be quite varied. In a large company, for example, it is difficult to ensure consistency in learning outcomes, especially when external trainers are used. In such a case, a well-defined syllabus and clear learning outcomes are essential to achieving consistency. In addition, most learning and development is likely to be conducted online, so standardized training modules will help to meet these requirements. These standardized training modules will also allow for visually identical delivery.

A key challenge of training and coaching is creating buy-in at the top. The decision-makers should be provided with ROI statistics and an outline of the way in which the coaching will be applied within the organization. This is important for long-term success and organization-wide support. Stories and information will also help to create buy-in across the organization.

One of the greatest challenges of training and coaching is finding the balance between online and experiential learning. Both forms of learning are essential, but online learning has its limitations and should be balanced with experiential learning. In addition, the balance of online and experiential learning should be dynamic and avoid crystallized beliefs and predetermined answers.

Time commitment required for coaching

Coaching training requires a full time commitment of at least one day a week. In most cases, you’ll attend a three-day training module. You’ll be able to observe a coach in action and learn how to work with a group of players. In addition, you’ll be required to meet with a mentor coach once a month. This mentor provides feedback on your progress and provides a safe environment for you to practice your new skills.

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