50 Best Small Business Ideas Suitable for A School Project

50 Best Small Business Ideas Suitable for A School Project

10 September 2022

Do you want to start a business to raise funds and get a high score on your school project? If YES, here are 50 small business ideas suitable for a school project.

Schools require students to complete projects at certain intervals as part of their overall assessment. These projects can be carried out on a variety of topics, sand, in most cases, students can choose the topic that interests them the most.

The idea of ​​making a profit and making money can spark interest in school projects from students who might not otherwise be engaged, which is why schools also organize commercial projects. Business projects can be used to teach students analytical skills, personal finance, the nature of credit and debt, incentives, economics, and tax policies.

Many schools allow their students to create their own products/services, plan the materials and resources they will need, propose an expense allocation, project their profits based on a given budget, and advertise and sell their products/services. These projects can be done on a regular basis, such as once a quarter or quarterly.

Most of these ideas are meant to teach kids about money, making a profit, and how to save. Experiencing how to save, spend, earn money, and budget at the same time are great ways for children to develop an understanding of economics at an early age. In this way, they also develop a sense of responsibility and will discover early on the essence of spending money wisely and saving for future emergencies.

For the student with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to choose a viable and lucrative idea for their school project instead of doing the usual research that students normally do, here are 50 that would be ideal for a school project.

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Business Index

1.Make the cookies:

U quite a lot of people love cookies. And not just cookies, but deliciously baked goods like cupcakes, brownies, pretzels, and just about anything else made at home. When used as a source of income, cookies and baked goods are easy to make, easy to transport, and fairly easy to sell.

Children can learn to find the best quality ingredients at the cheapest price and find ways to optimize the production process so that the business requires a minimum investment of time. Get a handful of good cookie recipes, and some nice inexpensive packaging, and start churning out delicious treats that will help line your pockets.

2.Jewelry Making:

Children who have an eye for fashion or who love to be creative may find jewelry to be a rewarding and profitable business. It doesn’t have to be complex pieces with semi-precious stones. Wooden beads, painted glass, and hemp bracelets are the best sellers. Designed pieces can be sold online or at local trade shows and church bazaars and even to fellow students. This is also a suitable business idea that you can continue after school.

  1. Be Artistic:

Many students are very talented and creative. These students can harness that creativity to produce various things that can be used for a school project. Young artists can design a variety of creative pieces, from canvas artwork to hand-designed greeting cards, which they can sell for money. Additionally, you can offer logo design, brochure designs, and web design for individuals and small businesses in the community. It is a fact that many people make a living selling their artwork.

  1. Greeting Cards:

Teachers can tap into students’ talents by allowing them to produce and sell handmade greeting cards. Greeting cards generally employ various creative and technical skills: poetry, prose, visual art, and design. Whether one child does it all or multiple children work together to deliver the goods, a greeting card business in these days of e-cards, text messages, and emails will be especially valuable during the holidays.

  1. Gift Baskets:

Assembling and designing gift baskets is a great way for kids to express their creative side while sharpening their ability to identify what the market wants and find innovative ways to provide it. The content of a gift basket is as varied as the people who request it. Whether a kid sells pre-made baskets or accepts custom basket orders, the business comes with natural busy seasons like Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.

  1. Recycling project:

Another idea is to start a neighborhood recycling center that can be run on weekends from a local park or directly from the family garage. Recycling is big in the United States and many people make a living from it.

  1. Make candy:

Making and selling candy is another lucrative yet profitable school project. Students can put their entrepreneurial legs to the test by deciding to sell snack-sized candy to their peers between classes or during recess at school. Although some schools can be critical about it, once your teacher approves you, you’re good to go.

  1. Media rental:

As a teacher, you can turn a corner of your classroom into a mini media rental spot. He can ask the class to bring any books, magazines, computers and video games, audio CDs, and DVDs that they are willing to rent from the other students in the school. Then show them how to create a code for each type.

For example, books can be coded with the letter B. Paste the appropriate codes on all items and record them on a master list. This will allow you to keep track of which ones are rented and which ones may be missing. Then, also be sure to remind students to put a rental card on the back of each item, which the borrower will fill in with their name, grade, section, and contact number.

This card will be left with your student. When all these things have been prepared, it is time to attractively place them on the shelves with labels and advertise the company to the rest of the school community. This is a good way for students to earn money and it is also a good business idea in the outside world.

  1. Photo Booth:

A modern amenity that kids of all ages are sure to love is the photo booth. If you have enough budget, you can rent a real one to use and charge more for each photo, but if the class budget is low, you can choose to rent or borrow from someone.

However, an alternative way is to set up a good digital camera and a huge backdrop with an attractive design that can go with a theme. Don’t forget to provide tons of fun, cute and trendy accessories, wigs, and hats. You can set your rates to be “per copy”. After their time in the photo booth, guide students to upload all the images to a computer and print them out. They are now ready for delivery.

  1. Food Festival and Produce Bazaar:

You may want students to go through the process of not only planning but preparing the products themselves. The easiest foods to prepare and sell are sandwiches, shakes, juices, hamburgers, French fries with various sauces, and other simple snacks.

You can ask children to prepare cooked ingredients at home and simply bring them to school. Stalls can be decorated and set up according to their needs, and children should have a changing schedule as to who will be the vendors at any given time. However, if there are only a few students involved in a position, they can all stay there the whole time and just have different roles assigned to them.

One can be in charge of payments, giving changes, and keeping track of earnings. Two or three may be the ones who prepare the products. Another may be in charge of calling customers or going around to give free tastings to people who swarm the area.

  1. Garage Sale:

Another business idea that is suitable for a school project is a garage sale. You can plan and set up a garage sale at school. Have students bring items from home that they don’t like or no longer use. Together, you can decide on prices for various items that can range from clothes, books, CDs, games, bags, shoes, and accessories.

There are so many things you can sell, just be sure to monitor prices to ensure appropriately low prices for used items. Students can learn to calculate the approximate value, depending on the type of item, its age, and its current quality. A space should be set up in a classroom, gym, cafeteria, or anywhere the school allows, which students believe will be a strategically effective location for their business project.

  1. Computer tutoring:

Chances are you’ve been using a computer for as long as you can remember. You know how to fix problems, how to organize files, and how to use Google to find what you need. Although these are essential modern skills and not everyone possesses them. So you have the opportunity to impart your knowledge by using this as a school project where you can educate your fellow students on how to create a blog, surf the web or subscribe to RSS feeds.

  1. Pet Photographer:

This can be a very exciting school project for students. You can also start a photography business that specifically caters to pet owners who want photographic portraits of their furry friends. They could pay a token for these services.

  1. Shoe Shine:

To take advantage of this business, set up one day a week where students can bring shoe shines and brushes for shoe shine services for the school community. Promote this project on bulletin boards throughout the school by announcing where the shoe shine will be placed. You may also want to provide a “home service” where the students offering the shoeshine are contacted and then go to a classroom or office to provide the service at a set time.

  1. Mobile Lemonade Stand:

In this project, students are made to make the lemonade stand mobile. That is, they prepare the lemonade at home, pack it in a cooler and transport it to where the customers want it. Students must create flyers, posters, and cards to let the community know that their lemonade can be served anywhere.

They should also keep track of overhead costs, such as bulk lemonade mix, ice, disposable cups, and gasoline or other transportation costs. They must ensure that these expenses do not exceed income. Once they set the price for a cup of lemonade, they can ask each customer how many people will be attending the given event and then calculate projected revenue beforehand.

  1. Pet Care:

Kids can be great with animals and can provide short-term walks, feedings and grooming for pets whose owners are out of town. Students must develop their business plan, they must determine how much they will charge: a fixed rate for a certain period of time, either a weekend or a full week, or an hourly rate that is fair and competitive. Have students research professional kennels and pet-sitting services in their area to get a good idea of ​​fees. In your advertising efforts, ask them to specify which services they will and will not perform.

  1. Cake Shop:

Selling homemade cakes is another great business idea for a student’s school project. Students could set up a stand in a busy part of town to produce chips and sandwiches. This could be during your practice session class or at a time set aside by the school board for students to showcase what they have learned over a period of time. The probability that this idea will be successful is very high, especially if the right hype and publicity is created around it.

  1. Websites:

For their school projects, and depending on their learning level, students could take up website design for small businesses or fellow students in need of a website. Additionally, the student may create websites for historical movements, scientific theories, or literary concepts.

  1. Album Covers:

An album cover is the front of the packaging of a marketed album or audio recording product. Students can create album covers for their school projects. The album cover can be related to a novel and the artwork can present a relevant theme in the story. Another use would be for students to create natural disaster album covers in a science class where the cover would represent and explain the event.

  1. Ads :

Students can create an advertising campaign to sell a particular product or range of products. The product can be real or imagined. This can be used to teach persuasion, as homework for public speaking class, or to reinforce skills learned in a consumer class.

  1. Magazines:

Students can create journals that cover large units of study like the Industrial Revolution or Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, that way many articles can be written. Images can also be drawn or printed and added to the publication. This is a good business skill that, if developed properly, would come in handy after your studies. These magazines can be sold or reserved by subscription.

  1. Inventions:

The ability to invent something will always count as an advantage for the inventor. Inventing something is a very good school project idea that can also be useful in the business world. Students can be encouraged to think and create something. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be a new invention, as it could be an update to an existing invention, but it should be something that can address a problem in nature or society.

  1. Autobiographies:

Students can be encouraged to write their life stories as a school project. This task can help them learn how to write an autobiography and, more importantly, reinforce a wide range of writing skills in them.

  1. Comic strips or books:

Students and children read a lot of comic strips. Students can be encouraged to create an illustrated comic strip or book depicting events from history or a work of fiction. They are more likely to sell them to fellow students or friends.

  1. Blogging:

Creating a blog is a great idea for a school project. Students can create blogs for literary characters or historical figures. They can also go a step further by creating an actual blog for free at blogger .com, where they can start building their own personal blogs. Alternatively, teachers can simply have students write and organize articles on white printer paper if the Internet is not available.

  1. Real Estate: Real Estate become popular day by It is one of the best investment options to get a high return on investment on mega housing projects like Avalon City Islamabad and New Peshawar Valley.
  2. Dramas: Some very talented students can create very funny and interesting plays. In the real world, people have been known to make a living creating parodies. Students can be encouraged to create a short play to bring a historical event to life for their school project.
  3. Poultry Farm Project: Another profitable idea for a school project is to encourage students who are studying agriculture-related courses to set up a standard poultry farm as a project. The end result is to ensure that the poultry farm has the capacity for varieties of birds. This type of project can be expensive, so they can access funds from the school authority or any other relevant institution.
  4. Furniture Making Project – Students who are studying woodworking or any course related to furniture should be prepared to produce furniture that can be sold to people. It’s another way to earn money for school. The bottom line is that if your finishing and marketing skills are good, you won’t have a problem making sales.
  5. Arts and Crafts –  Creating arts and crafts is ideal for students studying various courses related to arts and crafts. Once your students can produce quality handmade paintings, sculptures or crafts, these can be sold in and around the school community.
  6. Vocabulary Quilts: For a school project, you can teach students to create quilts with badges that represent the meanings of vocabulary terms. Badges must have a picture and some words. This school project can help students develop sewing skills for the future.
  7. Graphics and Video Editing Project:  Another art-related project you can get your students involved in is advertising that people bring their graphics and video editing jobs to the school studio and they will do so at rock-bottom prices. The truth is that if your students are quite good; the project can be self-sufficient.
  8. Make friendship bracelets: Kids love making jewelry, and with low-cost technologies like Rainbow Loom, you can produce substantial quantities of bracelets and offer them for sale. Making friendship bracelets, matching color pairs, or even embedding letter beads for names or phrases will set your product apart.

Explain the markup and ask them to set a reasonable price for each bracelet above their raw material costs. They also need to find places where they can sell the bracelets, such as local craft shows, community gatherings, or boutiques.

  1. Smartphone Consultation: Students can tap into the emerging technology market by selling smartphone consultation services. Your students are likely to be more adept at using smartphones, including basic operations and social media, than most adults. Have them set up a basic package for customers, such as a 30-minute tutorial, during which they’ll provide hands-on instructions and demonstrations of someone’s phone.

These tutorials can be offered for a flat fee. Students can advertise their services through social media, targeting their parents’ friends and other adults who may be struggling with the new technology. Students should specify what they will cover in their tutorials so clients come prepared. Make sure students perform their services in safe public places, such as the school library or other community places.

  1. Errand Runner: The more people are pressed for time, the more they hate running errands. Therefore, you can start a business to run errands for that group of people. For example, you can pick up groceries, take the dog to the vet, pick up the kids from daycare , and take older kids to the mall or to a friend’s house.

You need to be a jack of all trades, but it’s actually a pretty easy job and pays well. Seniors, upper middle class families, and busy parents are all part of this target market. The student may or may not need a reliable car depending on the neighborhood, since it is a small school project, but a car would be very useful.

You might also consider offering a “senior discount” to get started, or even work for free for first few jobs to get great testimonials.

  1. Moving Assistant – Moving is stressful, especially when you have a lot of possessions or a big house to organize. A student can comfortably offer services as a moving assistant to help people. This is a popular service, especially for seniors who find packing and moving physically and emotionally difficult.


37 . Babysitting – One of the most popular part-time jobs for students is babysitting, and this business can be comfortably taken on as a school project. All you need is a great reputation or great references, and the ability to find local parents. Post flyers in your neighborhood advertising your services. Keep in mind that if you have special skills, like CPR training, you will stand out from the rest.


  1. Scrapbook – This is another cool idea that students can use for a school project. Students can offer personalized scrapbooking services to people who want to preserve their memories in a special way without doing the work themselves.


  1. House check: You can request to write or have house checks made for a small fee. While people are out of town, you can stop by and check that the house is in good condition, give it a lived-in look, check light bulbs, toilets, and more. It’s pretty easy and can be done weekly for a flat fee, like $20.


  1. Leaf Removal – Leaf removal , just like snow removal, is a seasonal business, but one that pays a lot of money nonetheless and can also be used as a school project. During the fall, due to the rain of leaves, you can offer leaf removal services to those who do not want to rake their gardens on their own.


  1. Calendars – Students can start creating calendars with the dates of key events. This can apply to a historical event (such as a famous battle), a scientific event, or the sequence of events in history. With the help of good graphic design or drawing skills, calendars can be made very attractive and colorful to attract buyers or subscribers.


  1. Snow Removal – If you want to earn some extra cash during the winter months, you can offer to remove snow from local homeowners for a small fee. This business can be comfortably offered as a school project as it won’t take up much of the students’ time and more importantly they will get paid for it.


  1. Personal Shopper – For those who enjoy shopping, you can build a business as a personal shopper and help others choose the best items for them. Students can also use this business idea as a school project. To get started, you need to find out their demographic, which is likely to be seniors or people with fashion disabilities, and offer this service to them at their convenience and for a fee.


  1. Pick Up The Dry Cleaners – You can decide to run to the dry cleaners for those who are too busy to handle this task. This is a business idea and can also pass for a school project if you have a question you want to find an answer for or there is a problem you are looking for a solution for. Example, what is the demographic of people who primarily request clothing pick-up services?


  1. Create a board game: There are many board games on the market and online, but nonetheless, you can create a board game for a school project, and if it’s interesting, people would be willing to pay a token to play it. . it’s. Putting the game online can save you overhead costs. This project requires a lot of creativity before you come up with something acceptable.


  1. ​​Graphic Designer – Depending on the class and if you have the skills, graphic design is a great business idea that could also be used for a school project. You can offer your services by designing logos for clients both online and offline, but you have to make sure that you are very good at it.


  1. Documentary: Some students who have handheld camcorders could put it to good use for a school project. With the proper planning, preparation, and skills, you can put together a documentary on any niche of your choice. You can record a documentary about the difference between how soccer was played in the 70’s and today, or you can put together a video recording of how plants or animals behave in an unfamiliar environment.


  1. Aquaculture:  An agriculture related project that can be given to students to do at a school in an attempt to raise funds is the creation of a fish pond. The school authority can provide space for students to build their ponds. Students can choose to raise fish, shrimp, crabs, frogs, etc. in their ponds in a controlled environment. Aquaculture is a very profitable business in the real world, so any training on it is invaluable.


  1. Chemical Production Project : Students studying chemical engineering should be prepared to produce chemicals that can be sold in school communities as part of their projects. Chemicals like pesticides, bleach and paints etc. they have a good number of buyers. The truth is that if your product is well labeled and packaged, you can compete for market share in your community.


  1. Hatchery: Students can set up a mini hatchery where they can try to hatch the eggs of different birds to observe the process. They may also decide to innovate with a special brand of incubator other than the one normally used in the industry, or try to replicate the natural incubation process. Many finds can still be made at the Hatchery and students can try to discover them.

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