How to Master English for GMAT Exam?

How to Master English for GMAT Exam?

10 September 2022

The GMAT differs from most other standardized tests because it doesn’t care about your grades or years of experience. It only cares about your intelligence level, reasoning abilities, and English communication skills. Your overall score on the GMAT exam will determine the college for your graduation.

In comparison with other tests, English is a section that can help you score higher on GMAT. However, getting consistency with good grades in English is a tough nut to crack. For all GMAT who struggle in the English section, here are some practical tips to help you improve your skills in the language.

Pre-Reading Strategies

The most common mistake applicants make is that they don’t prepare to read English. English, like everything else in life, is a skill. Tests for English proficiency show that reading comprehension is the most important skill to score high.

Reading is not just a part of your test that you’ll have to do. Reading a passage and answering questions will help you practice the skills required in reading and understanding questions on GMAT.

If you have difficulty reading an article, start reading at least two or three articles daily. In addition, practice reading with different questions depending on your studying time and its requirement before taking the exam. You can quickly locate a GMAT coaching in greater Noida having an excellent track record.

Learn New Words and Phrases

Though most of the words in the GMAT are well known, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know them. Since reading is one of the essential skills, you need to improve, learning new vocabulary is always better. If you find it hard to get proper English study material, you can always join a GMAT prep course online.

Learning new words is tough, but if you start learning them, they will be easy to memorize. In addition, practice remembering new words and phrases. Finally, write down the new words and phrases you’ve learned in a notebook so that when you see them on a test, they won’t be a problem for you to remember.

Read with Purpose

Reading English passages with purpose is an effective way of improving your comprehension and test-taking skills. First, reading the passage helps you understand the meaning of the text. When you read the passage with purpose in mind, your natural tendency will be to answer the question based on what you read.

It would be best if you tried to know why a particular question is asked and studied hard to ensure that you can answer the question based on what you read. Take your time to research the best GMAT classes in greater Noida before signing up for any online prep course.

Use a Strategy for Reading Comprehension

Reading English passages with purpose is not sufficient for improving your comprehension skills. It would be best if you had some strategy to tackle reading passages in GMAT. So, divide the passage into paragraphs, take one paragraph at a time while reading it carefully, and think about it before answering any questions that may be asked.

Start practicing by taking at least one reading mock test with a CD. Select one of the passages from different books and practice until you can go through all 60 questions without making any errors in your answers. You should take this test to know how much time it takes to finish this section.

Practice for Writing Comprehension

Most people don’t enjoy writing essays, but it is a skill that you can pick up in a short period of practice. So, after practicing with the mock tests, take the actual test and see how you can improve your scores.

English grammar is not a science but fine art. Therefore, it is easy to get confused with some words and phrases. However, if you practice, you will be able to eliminate most grammatical errors in a short period.

To Sum Up!

Most people find the reading section of the GMAT exam more complex than other sections because the entire practice test is on reading comprehension. However, the best way to improve your Reading skills is through intensive strategies like regular practice and mock tests. Make sure you commit to a plan and stick with it daily until you get it right.

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