Goechala Trek Complete Guide

Goechala Trek Complete Guide

10 September 2022


You will be fascinated by the views from the high mountains. Then Goechala trek is your top destination. You can view 14 summits once you get there. Goechala, the largest mountain close to the famous trekking routes of Nepal, is number 14. This post is dedicated to adventure lovers and trekkers. These are some guidelines to help you plan your trip to Goechala. You will be aware of all precautions that you need to take during your trek.

Sunrise over the Kanchenjunga Range

The Kanchenjunga range offers one of the most beautiful sunrise views anywhere in the world.


The Dense jungle at 12,000ft

There are many treks in Goechala that include a line of trees. It is high up. It has tree line skirts reaching more than 10000 feet. This is one of the most unique tree treasures on the planet. You will find relief from the pollution of the city air through this dense jungle.


To have some amazing trekking experience you can also do the Nag tibba trek

Three suspension bridges are unique

The third is the crossing of the three suspension bridges. You can also travel through three deep gorges. The Mentoring Khola Khola and Tshushay Khola are the three deep gorges. They are often able to see the Prekchu River’s steady flow. This is a rare experience due to the amazing view the gorges offer. Goechala is a great place to find peace.


Tsokha’s unique monastery is a masterpiece

You might not have thought that a monastery could be found at 10000 feet. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Tsokha. To see this amazing sight, you must cross the bridge and take the road to the campsite. Security is not an issue here. There are mountains where you can meditate. This is one of many amazing sites on the Goechala Trek.


Dramatic scenes change

You will notice a rapid flow of changes during your visit to Goechala. Particularly when you travel from Tsokha towards Dzongri. You will find the trail between the pine trees and the dense jungle covering the barren terrain. The change is complete once you reach Phedang. Without any doubt, you will see a completely new scene.


The Journey

The last change is from Kokchurang to Thansing. You will see the Prekchu River flowing deep once you reach the jungle. A wooden bridge will be in front of your eyes. It crosses the entire river. It offers a unique view of your spots.


Watch the sunrise from Dzongri Top, Kanchendzonga

You must get up at dawn to catch the sunrise. You should rush to the Dzongri Top at 13000 feet. It is steep.


Camping at Pandim

Camp at the foot Pandim for the best trekking experience. Thansing is the most beautiful campsite in Goechala. Your friend can also pitch their tent next to Prekchu.


The perfect challenge for endurance

Nothing is as simple as it seems in Goechala. This trek is different from other trekking trips. It is an actual test of your mental endurance and physical strength. The trip will take you around 60km and last 10 days. You will be tested by the long days and difficult trails. It is worth it for the unique views and nature.


There are some risks when you go on the Goechala Trek

Yuksom Trail

The trek is circular so you need to be aware of this fact. This is a risky route that can be dangerous. The monotony of the Yuksom climb is another factor. The journey becomes riskier because of this.

Crowdie Campsites

Trekkers are a common sight at all the camps. You might consider the Thansing campsite, especially because of the small space in which the crowd may cause problems. You can optimize your journey with its many amenities.


Goechala Trek is best visited in the spring and summer

Goechala’s best season for trekking is spring and autumn. Each season has its advantages.


Weather and temperature on the Goechala Trek


Winter is very cold at higher altitudes. The temperature is higher during the day than it is at night. However, the trek will not be sleddable by autumn.

Spring (March to April)

The temperature is stable at 15 degrees Celsius in spring. It can drop to below zero at night, particularly if you camp in a high area.

Is Goechala Trek considered safe?

Goechala has a high safety rating. The trails are wide and well-planned. They require no special skills to cross. You will not be lost and navigation is simple.


Is the Goechala trek difficult?

You will need to be persistent and perseverant as you will be doing a lot of walking and climbing.


What are the exit points on Goechala?

Goechala is the only person who exists. This is the Yuksom from where you began. It is important to remember that the higher you go, the more difficult it will be. You should prepare for a long journey.

This building is not only the tallest in the world but also holds six other world records. It is home to the most floors and inhabited floors. The highest outdoor observation deck. The lift with the longest travel time and the most service lifts.


The Theme

The design theme is the interlocking circles that extend from the tower’s footprint. This design is inspired by Islamic geometric traditions. It extends to the surrounding landscape. The Dubai Miracle Garden is a model of an abstract structure that shapes the gardens at the tower’s foot.


Nearest Emergencies on the Trek

The nearest hospital on the Goechala trek is Pelling, which is located 30km from the Yuksom base camp. The Yuksom clinic is small and can be visited for first aid.

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