Jumping goa is the ultimate adventure

Jumping goa is the ultimate adventure

10 September 2022


The relatively new practice of Bungee Jumping in Goa, a completely safe adventure sport, is being enjoyed by daredevils all over the globe. The Gravity Zone is a top bungee operator and should be included on your next Goa trip. The Gravity Zone is located near the famous Anjuna Beach and is open throughout the year. This seemingly easy jump is difficult and requires practice. Let’s begin by understanding how bungee jumping works and who qualifies to participate.

Consider these points

Attention, explorers! Goa was once the party capital of India. But bungee jumping has made it even more exciting. Goa is the perfect destination for anyone interested in a bungee jump, regardless of whether they are experienced pros or beginners. We are here to give you all the details about bungee jumping in Goa.

This guide covers everything you need, from the basics like how to dress and what not to wear to safety and safeguards. Have a look and then jump!

If you love bungee jumping then also do bungee jumping in Rishikesh as it is also a nice adventure.

Age and height

Anybody over the age of 10 and in good health can go bungee jumping. You must get the permission of your parent/guardian in writing before you can proceed. If not, an adult must be present. Anyone over 18 years old must have an ID card. Weight is also a major factor in bungee jumping. The recommended weight range is between 35 and 150 kg.

The minimum height required to bungee jump is between 50 and 73 meters above the ground. This means that you jump from the 15-story tall skyscraper. Depending on your preference and the experience that you want, there are different platforms available with different heights.

Bungee jumping is not allowed for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, or anyone with high blood pressure. Participation in this adventure sport should be prohibited for anyone with a fractured body, epilepsy, or asthma.

What should I wear?

Before you go rope diving, make sure to wear a lightweight t-shirt and high-quality pants. You should not keep anything in your pockets. If it is lost during a jump the operators will not be held responsible. Use enclosed shoes such as floaters or sports shoes.

Avoid wearing shirts, or any other type of clothing that could make you uncomfortable during a leap. Sunglasses and jewelry, as well as sandals, high heels, slippers, and sandals, are all prohibited.

What is the schedule for Bungee Jumping?

Booking a Goa bungee jump is easy and takes only a few minutes. You can book a bungee jump time online or offline, depending on which option you choose. Goa Water Sports will accept your details. You can also call the toll-free phone number for assistance.

You can also book reservations via WhatsApp. Our executive will contact you within 20-25 minutes of receiving your information. If you plan to travel to Goa in the peak season, it is a good idea to book your bungee jumping experience in advance. You can save a lot of money if you book in advance. Don’t delay and book your bungee jump adventure today!

Take care

  • Operators will adhere to safety regulations, but you need to be cautious before jumping.
  • These safety precautions will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience when bungee jumping.
  • Believe in your jumper
  • Master jumpers or jumpers can be trusted to assist you in a leap without reservations.
  • They are highly qualified and have a good knowledge of international protocols.
  • If you are honest and open with them, they will answer your questions.
  • They can help guests who are anxious and ensure that you’re mentally and physically ready to jump.

Bungee jumping costs

The baseline price for bungee jumping in Goa is between INR 2550 and INR 4850. This depends on many variables. You can also choose the season, but it usually depends on who you choose.

During peak travel season, there are tour operators who charge INR 3500 per adult in Goa.

If you visit Goa during the off-season, your costs might be significantly lower. Prices for adults over 18 and younger may vary. Some providers provide soft copies of images taken while you were doing your jump.

Safety Warning

Don’t wear high heels

Follow all of the directions given by your guide.

The maximum age is ten years.


Goa is fast rising to the top in India’s adventure sports destinations. Bungee jumping can give even the most experienced adventure sports fan goosebumps and an extremely high adrenaline rush. Bungee jumping in Goa is the newest adventure activity to be added to the impressive list.

Bungee jumping in Goa is a thrilling experience that takes place in beautiful, tranquil surroundings. They are all located near the coast and offer an experience unlike any other. This guide will help you navigate this exciting adventure.

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