Sohail F Rahman Enlighten New Business Owners for Growth

Sohail F Rahman Enlighten New Business Owners for Growth

10 September 2022

Making your business idea big and wanting your setup to grow requires all your expertise. Beyond working hard, new entrepreneurs in 2022 should rely on approaches that can assure such expectations. With this belief, the experienced entrepreneur in Bangladesh, Sohail F Rahman says that growth can come when you know the right way to advance. Adding to this, the founder of BEXIMCO Group finds experimenting and maintaining focus to be the other ways to ensure growth for new business owners.

Use Latest Developments for Advancement

In his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Rahman has seen several developments taking place. When he started, he relied on techniques that were prevalent then. As he crossed years in his journey, the businessman also utilized the recent developments to make better progress.

Thus, in his opinion, new business owners can best aim for growth with the most recent developments. They can be in the form of technology, inventions, machines, etc. This can vary from industry to industry. Suiting your industry, you should focus on the advancement of your setup.

According to Sohail F Rahman, developments are made to reduce current challenges. Also, they can be equipped with features or advantages as per the present times. Thus, when you adopt these together with the ways you find reliable, you can do business more efficiently.

Avoid Using One Approach to Business

When you are running a business, you may find that there can be several ways of operating it. As per the approach you use, you can find distinguishing results. This indicates that there can be no fixed approach to business. With reference to this, the Bangladeshi businessman considers that one particular approach can be used for business. However, using only that approach may bring stagnancy in growth.

Relying on a number of approaches may sometimes cause you to take risks. Or, you may not always find a positive result at the end. However, this will diversify your experience and make you better at handling your business.

Narrow Your Focus and Gradually Expand

Owning a big business can be the dream of many. However, when you are new to this, you should keep your focus narrow. Looking at the remarkable progress made by BEXIMCO, it can be said that expansion should be gradually brought about.

When the focus is narrowed down, you will be more committed to a few services that your customers need. With this, you will be fulfilling the expectations of your customers more than investing in other areas for business expansion. Once your customer base has been defined and established, expansion can then gradually occur as Sohail F Rahman did with Beximco.


Business growth is essential for every owner, especially when he or she is new. While the best of ideas, investments, and capital can sometimes be useful, much more is required to establish this growth. For making this certain, you should remain solely focused on your venture. With the right advancements and approaches, growing your business will be effective.

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