The Cost of Developing a Cross-Platform App

The Cost of Developing a Cross-Platform App

9 September 2022

The cross-platform development for a cross-platform business boom. What is the way for those who just don’t want to give in to the shenanigans of native app development? All hope is not abandoned, not when hybrid app development is a fine enough option. Let’s dig into it, shall we?

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

Cross-platform app development (or Hybrid app development) is purposed to function on more than one platform, as the name suggests. The compatibility level enables them to work on multiple operating systems, more than just Android and iOS. There are various legit reasons why you should develop cross-platform apps such as for reaching a wider audience and market, faster time to market, seamless cloud integration, code reusability, and cost-effective development.

Top 5 Important Factors Affecting Cross-Platform App Development

When recommending hybrid app development, it is necessary to point out certain factors affecting it to ensure high-tier app development in Australia. These factors are important to be aware of because of their irrefutable relevancy in the matter of development and how much insight they offer. Some of them are the following:

1. Type of App

The type of app aids you to estimate and analyze the total cost it will take and this is why type of mobile application development is necessary. This varies by categories like on-demand apps, enterprise apps, social networking apps, e-commerce apps, and standalone apps. Each of these categories further depends on the functionalities they choose such as design, features, functionalities, and integration. Therefore, the cost wavers with the type of app and gives enough information on what and what not to choose.

2. Operating System Numbers

Your choice he platforms significantly finalizes the cost. To minimize things, there are broadly two operating systems for app development: iOS and Android. The native app development approach costs about $40000 to $10,000 or more. Meanwhile, a hybrid app development approach is relatively cost-effective in comparison, costing about $2000 to 50,000 or in between these two figures, be it Android app development or iOS app development.

3. Requirements for Design

What makes or breaks your app? Design. It plays a crucial role in attracting your users or pushing them away. It is essential to capitalize on the app design so that more users can engage in UX through a visually pleasing UI. The UI and UX designs together cost between $5000 to $20,000, varying on what your app wants or needs. It is crucial to figure this out for the progress of your iPhone and Android app Development Company.

4. Complexity of Apps

Features and functionality in the app define its complexity level. The higher the functionalities, the higher the money invested. Obviously, a basic app won’t cost much but a complex app will have your budget take a hit and this is why Brisbane app developers make sure to estimate the complexity before development.

5. Options for Development: Agency vs Freelancer vs DIY

One of the most important aspects of cost is whom you choose to give your app for development. A freelancer will be relatively cost-effective than a well-versed top company which will obviously cost more in comparison as a company will rely on hourly rates and project estimation. Obviously, an agency will not settle for an easy budget while a DIY method would. Custom software Australia can function in all of these developments; the choice is yours.

Cost to Build a Cross-Platform App Development

If the cost of app development is not known, your development will either be put to a halt or may cease into oblivion. It is always smart to have a solid grasp on the in-market costs and how much you will benefit initially, so your effort and investment do not go in vain. These can be categorized into three main types as mentioned below.

· Advanced Apps (Complex Features)

Such apps come with various complex features and cannot be built through a DIY approach, a professional must be hired. These apps cost $40,000 to $100,000, more or less. It is a small wonder that high conglomerates will need advanced apps, so they can afford these costs but a small team of 2-4 developers need to avoid this by a large margin.

· Moderate Apps (Average Features)

The complexity level of these apps is neutral. They have some of the most basic and overused features such as geo-tracking, social login, and more. Such apps commonly range from $25,000 to $45,000. These are the kind of apps that can have a range, whether they are used by some business or an individual for multi-purposes, it depends. Moderate apps are definitely trendy nowadays, for good reasons or bad.

· Simple Apps (Basic Features)

Developed with standard UI and MVP, basic features are added in such apps as search, in-app purchases, user profiles, and login. Such apps initially cost $15,000 and go as far as $30,000. These are mostly fun apps used for trivial purposes. Small games, small apps like Light, etc, come under such basic apps. Furthermore, simple apps are the best way to learn more about the development of moderate and advanced apps.


It is no surprise that people opt for cost-platform app development. It is better, cheaper, and has faster results in comparison to native app development. Custom software development in Australia focuses more on hybrid development instead of the native one for obvious reasons. Hopefully, this read has given you enough stuff to learn about cross-platform development, its advantages, and the overall costs.








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