Looking for Google Ads Campaign Management?

Looking for Google Ads Campaign Management?

8 September 2022

You are in the right place, I am a Google partner and I have all the Google certifications to manage all kinds of Adwords campaigns. I have extensive experience managing different types of Adwords campaigns from small to large monthly budgets.
I am a certified premier google partner, or in other words a specialist in Google Adwords, always contributing my experience in digital business, so that you have the maximum results. I want to be your digital partner.
The combination of Adwords products, crossed with campaigns on Facebook or Twitter plus the rest of possible digital strategies is key to the success of your online business:
Search Network:
It has to be the first option: create campaigns on the search network except for rare exceptions that it is not.
With this type of advertising we are influencing the user when they are doing a Google search about our product or service, finding us at that time will be crucial for us to make our conversion. For that, we will have to stand out from the other advertisers, so my role as an Adwords manager is to create a copy that stands out above the rest of the ads so that they click on it. In addition to selecting the right keywords that generate the highest profitability and contribute the most to your business. With a good strategy you can bring a large amount of traffic to your website with high conversion rates.
Display: google display Adwords management Perth
Most of the time we spend browsing the Internet is looking at websites that we like, digital newspapers, Gmail or similar. It is at this moment that Display and Google Adwords ads show their great potential to attract traffic from people who do not yet know they need us. One thing to keep in mind is the design of the creative, which is very important for this type of campaign.
Advertising on the Display network of Adwords and third parties has the capacity to impact 95% of Internet users around the world. Therefore, there is a world of possibilities to reach your ideal client, for example, you can create audiences based on the visitors of your competitors’ websites in order to make yourself known to them.
Remarketing: Remarketing strategy
Do you know that 98% of users who visit an ecommerce for the first time do not buy? What do we do with this 98%?
A good segmentation of the users who have been on your website must be re-fished with Remarketing, this will increase sales or attract potential customers and will reduce the conversion cost of a search network campaign by up to 10 times.
Do you know that Search Network remarketing also exists and can be key to your business and thus differentiate yourself from other competitors? With this tactic, your ad will be shown again, to people who have already been interested in you, in higher positions than your competition.
Mobile App Adwords
The use of mobile phones is increasing exponentially, this means that we must change the way we display ads, because their uses are different from conventional computers. This need to have the mobile close by opens up a wide range of possibilities.
There are many possible strategies that can be carried out.
This type of campaign is one of the least exploited and one of the ones that works best, since its low competition generates high returns. Do you know that YouTube is the second search engine after Google? Surely you have many of your potential clients viewing many minutes of videos every day. Also in a strategy that marks a wide notoriety.
Google Shopping
If you have an Ecommerce, this type of campaign is ideal, users have a great intention to purchase and with the appropriate adjustments, it can translate into great profitability. They can also be combined with video and remarketing strategies on YouTube.
Data Science applied to PPC or SEM
This is one of the main reasons for the success of my campaigns, nothing is going to start until everything is perfectly measured for data collection and subsequent analysis. To get the best possible performance, I use tools like Python and R that perform the analysis and apply mathematical models in Adwords management Perth. It is a much deeper level than just the data that Analytics collects or that the native Adwords tool gives you. The present of online marketing is knowing how to analyze the large amount of data, metrics and KPIs that these tools provide you.
In the following image I leave you a graphic representation of how different ads vary the cost per click depending on their position and seeing which position is more profitable for the client.

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