Adwords Strategies in the Management of large Product Catalogs

Adwords Strategies in the Management of large Product Catalogs

8 September 2022

We have already talked a lot about managing Google Adwords campaigns. There are many advantages and possibilities for growth that they offer. However, for all this to take place, we must have the necessary knowledge that allows us to optimize the campaign, measure ROI, establish clear and real objectives, etc.

In addition, everything gets complicated when the product catalog is very large, for example in the case of the retail sector. If this is your case, we want to help you manage your account effectively and get a good return on investment.

How to optimize an Adwords campaign for large product catalogs?

One of the factors that determines the success of an Adwords management  campaign is the correct segmentation and structuring of our accounts. And it is that segmenting allows us to:

  • Analyze isolated performance data.

In other words, we will be able to separate the most profitable items of money invested from the expenses from which we get less benefit.

  • Have greater relevance to user searches.

By displaying a more personalized ad oriented to the user’s search, we achieve a higher click-through rate and, therefore, we capture a greater amount of traffic.

  • Google will reward our relevance by offering us high levels of quality.

A situation that will allow us to pay much less per click, thus obtaining a much higher ROI with the same conversion rate.

But what happens when we manage catalogs of more than 20 thousand products? It is not uncommon to find ecommerce with a vast catalog of new items appearing and disappearing from our store daily, complicating our PPC strategies and campaigns.

The task is complicated if we have to create 10 or 15 different ads for the same product. If we multiply 20,000 products by 15 ad variations per product, we would get a total of 300,000 ad groups, something practically impossible to manage.

In this case, the automation of the account becomes vitally important. It is never advisable to automate 100% of an Adwords account, but it is necessary to have some automation in this type of account.

How do we automate Adwords accounts for large catalogues?

In order to achieve proper automation of Adwords accounts when managing large catalogs of products, we can resort to the following points:


  • Google Adwords Dynamic Ads.

With dynamic ads we can create ads focused on each of the pages of the website, creating titles relevant to the user’s search and that, in addition, include the title of the page itself in the title of the ad.

  • Google Shopping campaigns.

It is currently one of the most powerful tools we have for managing large product catalogues. With this, we will be able to create semi-automated personalized ads for each of the products in the online store.

But automation is just the starting point. From all the data extracted from the automated content campaigns, we must create a correct search campaign strategy. For this, it is essential to carry out a correct analysis on a daily basis of the pages or products that have worked best for the creation of new campaigns, now yes, manually operated. However, it is a strategy that helps us make sure that we do not leave anything out in our store.

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