Best TikTok Trick to Gain More TikTok Views

Best TikTok Trick to Gain More TikTok Views

8 September 2022

TikTok is now a popular and powerful marketing tool for increasing your brand awareness and reach. But the game is not over here, as without TikTok views on your videos, nothing works wonders. Now, you must know what TikTok views are and then move further to know the best TikTok tricks to gain more TikTok views. 

TikTok Views 

If your video auto plays or a viewer comes to watch it multiple times, it is counted as a new view. But when you watch your own video, views are not counted. Simply, the very second your video starts to play counts as a view. 

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TikTok launched its Creator Fund in August 2020 to offer payouts to the platform’s most popular and successful users. The range is between $0.02 and $0.04 per 1000 views. 

Best TikTok Trick to Gain More TikTok Views  

Views on TikTok are considered the “King”. Here is the best TikTok trick to get more eyeballs on your videos and build more authentic and lasting engagement.  

Optimize Your Content  

Optimization of the content is something that is necessary to increase your content discoverability. If you optimize your content, it will be easier for the TikTok algorithm to easily recognize your content and prioritize it. You can optimize your content by doing multiple things: 

  1. Focus on your audience  
  1. Put emphasis on posting useful content 
  1. Make the video shorter   
  1. Add keywords to the captions 
  1. Valuing Hashtags 
  1. Adding trending sounds to your videos 
  1. Post the video at the appropriate time  
  1. Focus on the quality of your video 
  1. Sharing your TikTok video on other social media platforms  

Focus on Your Audience 

The first thing to know is who your target audience is. Also, always research the interests of your targeted audience. Which type of content they’d engage with and what kind of hashtags and formats they are using related to your niche. You can also search for other related accounts that they have followed and then create your content after listing these things. 

Put emphasis on posting useful content 

It goes without saying that valuable and high-quality content has a much better chance of going viral and reaching a larger audience. It is true that a view will count on your video even if only a fraction of your video is watched by someone. But here is something to consider. The TikTok algorithm promotes most of the content that has better completion rates. Always prefer to post engaging content that holds people’s suspense or curiosity in the first seconds of your videos and then gives them directions in the last seconds of your videos. 

Make the video shorter 

Mostly, TikTok favors videos that are short. Keep your videos as short as possible. If your video is short, there are high chances that it will be rewatched. For example, if your video is between 3 seconds and 7 seconds, it has a better chance of reaching the maximum audience, who also like to rewatch it completely.  

Add Keywords to the Video Caption 

Your caption is a free way to get your audience to sit and enjoy themselves. Also, it is a chance to tell the viewers what’s going on in your video. Writing a relevant caption using the right keyword can seriously boost the number of views on your TikTok video. Find and put those keywords into your caption that your viewers will likely type into the TikTok search bar. 

Valuing Hashtags 

Hashtags are considered an important part of how TikTok helps its users discover new content. If someone watches the video with the hashtag you used, there are more chances that they will also watch your video. So, value hashtags and smartly use them. 

Add Trending Sounds to Your Video 

Hashtags play a vital role in getting more views on your TikTok videos. Similarly, adding trending sounds to your videos also plays a prominent role in getting more views. When you add a trending sound to your videos, the TikTok algorithm triggers it and shows your videos to the people who watched a video with the same sound. 

Post the Video at the Appropriate Time 

If you are craving to get more views, then you should be aware of the importance of posting your videos at the right time. Before posting anything, even an announcement, always check the analytics of your account to see when the maximum audience or followers are active and coming to your account to watch your videos. And then post it at the right time for maximum exposure. 

Focus on Quality More 

Try to create videos with proper lighting, good sound quality, and some attractive effects because people are more likely to watch high-quality videos. 

Share Your TikTok Videos on Other Social Media Platforms 

Sharing your TikTok videos or just the link to the video on your other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a clear call to action can be an effective tactic to boost the number of views on your content. 

In a short time, TikTok has now become one of the biggest and best platforms to promote anything quickly. The high number of views on your videos plays a vital role in promoting your content. Along with the above-mentioned tricks to gain more TikTok views on your TikTok videos, it is equally important to maintain the views on your videos. For this, post the most valuable content on your account daily. It is also helpful for your video to become one of the trending videos on the For You page of TikTok.

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