Get Doubly Linked List in C For Your Coding Work

Get Doubly Linked List in C For Your Coding Work

8 September 2022

A variant of a linked list called a doubly linked list in C makes it easier to navigate ahead and backwards than a single linked list. The linked list is one of the crucial ideas and data structures to understand when getting ready for interviews. In a coding interview, being well-versed in Linked Lists can be a significant asset. Many candidates enrol on coding platforms like PrepBytes to ace their coding interviews.  

Double Linked List in C 

A node in a doubly linked list in C carries a pointer to both the preceding and following node in the sequence, making it a more complex linked list. Consequently, a node in a doubly linked list has three components: node data, a pointer to the node after it in the sequence (the next pointer), and a pointer to the node before it (the previous pointer).

A doubly linked list’s memory representation

In general, doubly linked lists require extra space for each node, which makes fundamental operations like insertion and deletion more complicated. However, since the list keeps pointers in both directions, we can easily alter the list’s elements (forward and backwards).

Issue Statement

The problem statement states that our task is to write a menu-driven C program that performs every operation on a doubly linked list in C. 


1) traverse(): The traverse() function iterates over the doubly linked list, printing the node’s data as it goes.

2) The function insertAtFront() allows you to add an entry to the doubly linked list’s front.

3) InsertAtEnd(): This function adds an entry to the doubly linked list in C‘s end.

4) InsertAtPosition(): This function inserts an entry into a doubly linked list at a specific point.

5) DeleteFirst(): This function removes an element from the doubly linked list’s front.

6) DeleteEnd(): This function removes an entry from the doubly linked list’s end.

7) DeletePosition(): This function allows you to remove a specified element from a doubly linked list at a certain point.

Ways to Insert Doubly Linked List in C 

There are four ways to insert a node into a DLL:

  • Front and center of the DLL
  • After a specific node
  • At the DLL’s conclusion
  • Before to a specific node

Put a Node in Front of the Others 

The new node is always put in front of the supplied Linked List’s head. The newly added node serves as the DLL’s new head. For instance, if we add item 5 to the front of the given Linked List, which is 1->0->1->5, the Linked List will change to 5->1->0->1->5. The function that adds at the top of the list should be called push (). Because the push must modify the head pointer to point to the new node, the push() step must receive a pointer to the head pointer.

Put a node at the end.

The new node is always put after the doubly Linked List in C’s last node. For instance, if you add item 30 to the end of the given DLL, which is 5->1->0->1->5->2, the DLL becomes 5->1->0->1->5->2->30. Since the head of a linked list often serves as its representation, you must traverse the list to the end before switching the next-to-last node to the new node.

An Alternate Approach:  Employing a Constructor call

To reduce the amount of effort involved in memory allocation, another approach, on the other hand, makes use of constructor calls inside the node class. Additionally, it reduces the number of lines of code.

In terms of coding interviews, this is a crucial question. You can click on this link to access more questions on Linked List, selected by PrepBytes’ knowledgeable mentors.

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