Top 5 Ways How DevSecOps Benefits Your Business

Top 5 Ways How DevSecOps Benefits Your Business

7 September 2022

DevSecOps is a trending practice in application security (AppSec) that many people might be unaware of. If companies opt for this approach, they tend to introduce security in the initial phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The practice also extends the collaboration between operations and development teams to integrate security teams in the software delivery cycle. It saves companies from cyberattacks. This means that hackers won’t be able to track your online activities. So, if you are doing an important business task on the internet or just browsing through different Spectrum movile offers, the malicious actors won’t know a thing.

5 Ways How DevSecOps Benefits Your Business

DevSecOps is a portmanteau of Development, Security, and Operations. If companies choose a DevSecOps approach, it doesn’t just assure security but also saves time, offers better software quality, and lowers costs. Here are some more benefits of DevSecOps:

#1. Spots Bugs and Other Vulnerabilities Early On

While a developer will make sure to implement basic level security checks, it is nearly impossible to know how many software packages have a security vulnerability and in which of its versions. As the volume of the software is just too high, there has to be some sort of automation with respect to security in place to detect the bugs. This is where DevSecOps comes in. This solution can help your dev team to figure out if they are using any open-source libraries filled with vulnerabilities before they can begin coding the modules of a software project.

#2. Access Open Source with More Confidence

As the open-source community welcomes contributions from anyone, it gives an opportunity to malicious actors to cause harm. Hackers can easily add malware to an open-source package which can easily compromise the systems of their victims. While the representatives of the open-source community can remove such threats, the process is not really that fast. This means that a developer might use the corrupt components innocently. An automated tool is required to constantly scan the project and to find out if there is any malicious open-source component. Companies can use DevSecOps to save themselves and the developers from making blunders and then facing embarrassment after the release of their project.

#3. Saves Cost on Resource Management

When it comes to software development, dependencies can create a major problem and critically shape the entire workflow. In other words, suppose if your application requires a particular library A which is dependent on another library B that further depends on version 2 of library C which turns out to be vulnerable, you won’t be able to use all three libraries unless library A and B support the version 3 of library C which is non-vulnerable. This process can very easily get tedious. DevSecOps can save companies from spending on resources by providing all the knowledge beforehand, allowing the devs and project managers to identify the risks early on so they may search for better alternatives. This will allow the company to design the software more securely without any vulnerability.

#4. Making Developers Security Aware

When your staff is overworked, it is possible for them to mistakes in haste. They could end up giving your users specific capability through code. Due to time constraints caused by meeting deadlines and even the developers’ own lack of security competence, they might end up neglecting security.

With a DevSecOps software solution, you can send in your team consistent reminders about leaving specific components out of software builds. This will increase your developers’ interest in the awareness of security every time they see an alert like this. The best part is, in the long run, this mindset will manifest in your developers and human lapse of security will reduce.

#5: Reduction in Risk and Legal Liability

“We take your security and privacy seriously” is a phrase that businesses use quite frequently, but few actually do. If they actually did, there wouldn’t be any cybersecurity breaches. News like this can harm your company’s brand name, and reputation and might also result in legal action.

It is possible to reduce the risk by implementing security procedures in every area of your software or project even if it’s a plain website.


Even if you believe that your business, project, product, or application is secure from all directions, some unknown risk can emerge. With these best practices and by using DevSecOps, you can reduce risks and determine known software vulnerabilities right from the start and address them as well.

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