Discussion on Spark AR’s Future

Discussion on Spark AR’s Future

7 September 2022

An Asia Pacific roundtable conversation with AR creators.

We want to create a digital environment that is open to all people, innovative, and provides consistency across apps and services as Meta grows and introduces more people to the metaverse.

I recently spoke with six Spark AR creators from the iCreate Creators Community in the Asia Pacific region and my colleague to discuss the potential uses for Spark AR applications that the metaverse will bring.

We also addressed their inquiries regarding functionality, platform capabilities, usage insights, and what’s coming up for Spark AR creators.

The Spark AR platform is a unique tool our developers regularly use to produce high-quality AR effects.

Every month, our apps and devices are used by over 700 million individuals to use augmented reality. I adore these discussions with our artists because they constantly offer a wealth of knowledge, criticism, and original suggestions for how we may further our offerings.

Sharp Inquiries and Perceptive Comments From AR Designers

The six designers’ genuine enthusiasm and passion for the Spark AR platform and its future were evident in the questions they asked during the Q&A portion of our chat.

Some of these were hypothetical, such as how we think augmented reality (AR) will affect the healthcare and education sectors and how Spark AR might function outside of mobile and virtual reality. Whether or not one-of-a-kind, downloadable augmented reality virtual objects or filters are feasible shortly.

Others dealt with common client requirements like adding links and sales monitoring to the impacts of augmented reality. Additionally, we heard clever suggestions, such as the need to integrate commercial capabilities already present on Facebook and Instagram, like product tagging and ad experiences, into AR experiences.

Product Reviews

We discussed customer comments on the product, including their desire for networking and deeper insights to provide advertising agencies and businesses with data-driven insights into the effectiveness of the AR experience in engaging an audience. Many of our creators design AR experiences that combine high-quality effects with a mechanism to calculate the return on investment.

Additionally, our creators informed us that clients are eager to be able to monetize AR effects by, for instance, developing and offering custom AR effects or virtual goods for sale to individuals on an online marketplace. Our strategy for monetization potential and where those are on our Spark AR roadmap came up frequently during the Q&A session.

Internal Support

During these talks, we also consider any critical board input we receive regarding any challenges or issues our creator’s community may encounter when using Spark AR or concerning our policies. We frequently hear designers appeal to Meta team members who can address problems, even if it takes some time.

It was a pleasure to share the Spark AR roadmap with these talented creators, to respond to as many of their concerns about infrastructure and security as I could, and to hear their thoughts on the future of Spark AR. Particularly about the metaverse and the truly exciting opportunities it will bring.

Direct input from artists gives our team guidance for what should come next and helps us better understand their and customers’ requirements.

It was a terrific conversation, and I hope the developers are as enthusiastic as we are about the future of Meta and Spark AR!

Future creator conversions that we share will be exciting.

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