Why Custom Rigid Boxes Are Better Than Other Packaging Boxes?

Why Custom Rigid Boxes Are Better Than Other Packaging Boxes?

6 September 2022

If you’re not sure whether or not you should choose Custom Rigid Boxes for shipping your products, read this article. You’ll discover that these boxes are more durable and cheap than other types of packaging, and are a great choice for shipping high-end products. Whether you’re shipping a laptop, iPad, or other device, rigid boxes are an ideal choice for ensuring a smooth shipment.


Rigid boxes are typically more expensive than other packaging options, but they also offer a number of advantages. They do not break easily or mold, and they are more durable. They also provide better security for products, which means fewer broken products in the supply chain. Custom Rigid Boxes are cheaper than other packaging options, but you should still consider their pros and cons before making the decision to use them for your products.

The biggest benefit of custom rigid boxes is their cost-effectiveness. Compared to other packaging options, these boxes are more expensive than other products. The costs will rise as the packaging becomes more complicated. Starting costs can range from $300 to $5k, but volume discounts are available if you place a large order. However, you should make sure you have a clear budget before you start your business.

When choosing rigid boxes, make sure you choose ones made of chipboard or cardboard. Chipboard is less expensive and weighs less than corrugated cardboard. Additionally, it is infinitely recyclable. Corrugated boxes are a common packaging option, and often connote basic products. Luxury brands generally avoid these types of boxes, although some inexpensive items can get away with them. In addition, paperboard is a poor material for rigid boxes and is prone to damage when exposed to moisture. When choosing a rigid box, try to use triple-wall paperboard or chipboard. These boxes provide the best protection, but they are less expensive than other packaging boxes.

The cost of custom rigid boxes is often reflected in the material they are made of. Chipboard is affordable and strong. Polystyrene is inexpensive, but is also a good option for packaging items that are brittle. Foam core is also cheap and flexible. And you can cut foam core to fit the size of your product. Litho-laminate is the premier choice for rigid boxes, as it is a laminated paper that has a printed image on it.

Another advantage of using Custom Rigid Boxes is that they are easier to customize and are more affordable. Rigid boxes are a better solution than shrink-wrapped boxes because they are durable and can be re-used for a variety of purposes. They are also easy to store, so they can store multiple items in a small space. And because they are more affordable than other packaging options, they’re more cost-effective.

Custom Rigid Boxes are ideal for shipping large or delicate items. They’re versatile and can be any size. They also offer graphics flexibility, with the option of lining the interior and wrapping the exterior. Rigid boxes can be customized with any kind of graphics you want. They are also reusable and durable, making them an ideal option for gift packaging. And since they’re reusable, you can even use them for your own needs as well. Custom Rigid Boxes are cheaper than other packaging boxes, as long as you buy enough.


Rigid boxes are an excellent way to package heavy, bulky products. They’re also more affordable than shipping containers and can be customized to fit products perfectly. And they can be bought online at discounted rates. Unlike other packaging boxes, rigid boxes don’t bend or collapse. Therefore, they’re ideal for shipping high-end products that are very heavy. Besides, rigid boxes don’t require expensive dies and are often more attractive overall. Rigid boxes are also more durable than other types of boxes, which means they’re a better option for shipping heavy items. https://www.customboxesdesign.com/product/custom-rigid-boxes/

There are hundreds of different styles and designs to choose from. Your box should reflect the dynamic of your brand and what it stands for. If you’re unsure about which style or shape works best for your product, you can discuss it with your employees. They’ll be able to help you choose the perfect rigid packaging. And because rigid boxes have ample space for printing, they can be a great choice for displaying information and attracting new customers.

A rigid box is typically four times thicker than a typical paperboard box. Unlike paperboard boxes, rigid boxes are often made of recycled fibers, which make them an eco-friendly choice. But rigid boxes are also more expensive than other types of packaging, as they require more assembly and quality checks. And their superior durability and protection make them an excellent choice for expensive products.

If you’re a retailer of high-end products, rigid packaging is a great choice for you. These boxes are great for protecting your products from damage while reducing the cost of packaging. Rigid board is durable and premium, and you can even customize the box to fit your brand’s personality. It’s also great for promotional purposes. The rigid board makes it easier for the product to stand out and the custom label stand out.

The design and packaging of your products is an important factor in attracting attention. If your packaging catches someone’s eye, they’re more likely to open it and look inside. Rigid luxury boxes are an ideal choice for products with a sturdy look and elegant graphics. So, if you’re looking for a box that will make your products stand out from the rest, rigid luxury boxes may be the best option.

Unlike other packaging boxes, custom rigid boxes are made with reinforced chipboard for increased durability. They’re also more secure and will protect fragile goods. Rigid boxes are also great for beverages. Litho-laminate is another popular option. It’s a laminated paper that is printed on corrugated material. If you’re considering rigid boxes for your products, make sure to check out CustomBoxesDesign.

Ideal For Shipping High-End Products

When it comes to shipping high-end products, rigid boxes are the most reliable option. They do not fold like the flimsier shipping cartons, making them ideal for heavy and high-end products. They can be designed to look like hat boxes or shoes, and they can be made with magnetic closures or briefcase-style designs. You can also find rigid boxes in a variety of colors and materials to suit your needs. Visit Website

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