Phone cases for both Android and Apple – Where can I find them online in Singapore

Phone cases for both Android and Apple – Where can I find them online in Singapore

6 September 2022

Most smartphones sold today feature metal or glass, which makes it hard to store them in a way that keeps them safe and out of harm’s way.

If you want to buy a case, you may be curious about the different kinds of cases available for Android and Apple phones, as well as which companies make the best cases.

Here we have details to guide you on which best phone case to buy besides looking for aesthetic phone cases.

Factors to Consider when Buying Phone cases for both Android and Apple

If you haven’t chosen which features you require in a case, shopping for new ones might be a frustrating experience.

Before you go out and make a buy, here is a concise and easy-to-understand rundown of what you need to think about.


There’s a good reason you’re spending money on a phone case: you want to keep your device safe. But the part that matters is where you have the greatest need for safety.

Do you require supplementary protection for the front or protection for the back instead? Do you require a case that will protect against chipping on the side and dents on the corners?


Which type of scenario is most representative of you, your company, or your brand? Which finish—glossy or marble—better suits your needs? Or perhaps a traditional matte finish.

You can pick from a very large selection of them. You can also create bespoke styles that are exclusive to your company.


Do you wish to prevent the screen from getting scratched and smudged with your fingerprints? There are phone cases that will protect the screen, but there are other cases that will not. Several phone cases feature a lip that extends beyond the sides of the device it protects.


What specific shade of colour are you looking for? Do you require Pantone, pastel, or neon colour? Do you require unique tones such as ombre and watercolour, or would a standard colour be sufficient for your needs? You might also want to consider incorporating the colour scheme of your company’s brand into the design of your bespoke case.

Personalization and customization

Do you want a picture or your company’s logo printed on the purchased case? Do you require the logo to be embossed, and do you wish to receive your cases as quickly as possible?

Types of Phone Cases

As phones are such an important part of our lives, we should take the time to personalize and safeguard our mobile devices because they are more than simply technological wonders.

Imagine the look of astonishment and delight on your friends’ faces when they discover that you merely got a new case for your phone, not a brand new one altogether. Examine the many types of phone cases available to identify the one best fits your device.

Hard Phone Case

What exactly is meant by the term “hard phone case”? A hard phone case is often a hard shell-like case that is moulded specifically for a specific phone version and snaps onto the phone.

These kinds of cases are typically more expensive than soft phone cases. In most cases, it will cover the back of the phone and all four corners of the device.

They are often relatively thin and lightweight, contributing very little heft to the overall form of the phone. Most of the time, matte and gloss finishes and clear and transparent colour options are available for purchase in hard phone covers.

Some businesses also provide personalized hard phone covers, which can be selected to complement an individual’s sense of style or customized with the logo or branding of a business, organization, or firm. The back and sides of the phone are shielded from scratches, scrapes, and other damage by the hard casing of the phone.

In any event, using hard phone cases is not without drawbacks. They are likely to break when dropped due to their high hardness level. When they break, they tend to splinter around the corners because this area experiences the greatest amount of stress.

In the end, a hard case is an excellent, uncomplicated, and lightweight method for protecting a phone without adding much weight or bulk, which enables you to continue to admire the style of the phone in its natural state.

Gel/TPU Phone Cases

What is a Gel Phone Case? The term thermoplastic polyurethane, which is abbreviated as TPU, refers to a type of material that is derived from plastic and possesses characteristics such as elasticity, transparency, and high resistance to oils and liquids.

Gel phone cases are often very thin and lightweight, available in various colours, and can either have a matte or glossy appearance.

Because of their flexibility, these cases are extremely robust and will not crack or shatter under normal use. They are also quite good at withstanding knocks and scrapes. Gel cases offer protection for the back and sides of the device when the phone is in use.

Silicone Phone Cases

What exactly is a phone case made of silicone? Many people are familiar with silicone phone cases because they were originally manufactured for very early phone models, right at the beginning of the time when smartphones first became available.

They had a very gentle feel, were somewhat tacky to the touch, and adhered tenaciously to whatever surface they were positioned on. They enjoyed widespread appeal for some time. The term “liquid silicone” refers to the material generally used in producing modern silicone phone cases. You might be curious about what a phone case made of liquid silicone is.

The suppleness of liquid silicone is comparable to that of a gel phone cover, which is one of the primary ways liquid silicone differs from its more pliable predecessor, soft silicone. Typically, these cases offer a matte finish, are light to the touch, and may resist fingerprints and dust.

They protect the back and sides of the phone in the same manner as a gel case, as they cover certain areas of the phone. They have a desirable feel and texture, contributing to their widespread adoption.

Tough Phone Cases

These are more durable than the typical hard or gel cases in most circumstances. These covers can come in a wide variety of designs within themselves, and the concept of “tough” is a relative one because it depends on the level of protection you want your phone case to provide.

You may determine this by how and where you will use the phone. Many people working in the construction business and other professionals outside want more durable phone cases.

Some difficult cases offer nothing more than an extra-strong reinforced shell type of open case, while others can feature a complete tough shell covering the front and the rest of the device.

In most cases, when they are sold, the providers of rugged phone cases market them as protected for military drop tests of up to 15 feet, for instance, in addition to IPS water protection of varied scales.

As a result of these considerations, regular hard and gel phone cases tend to be thinner and more compact compared to hybrid cases. However, as indicated by the fact that sales have not slowed down, they are a popular case style.

Wallet Phone Cases

These are common designs that are used for both a wallet and a phone case at the same time. In most cases, they are crafted out of leather; more specifically, PU (polyurethane) leather, but genuine leather may also be used.

These cases contain a polycarbonate insert on the front that allows the phone to be hooked into the case and then surrounding leather on the back that allows the front of the phone to be folded over the leather. To gain access to the phone and the wallet compartment. The front portion of the case opens up like a book.

The wallet area of the phone can typically hold anything from one to four cards the size of a conventional credit card. These phone cases have a leather-like appearance, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone seeking a phone case. Additionally, the front of the phone is protected by using these cases, which is a major plus.

If you keep your phone in a bag, this can help prevent scratches on the phone’s surface. Because they consist of a hard case on the inside and a leather case on the outside, these phone cases offer a high level of protection.

The only disadvantage is that they may take up more space in your pocket than you’d like because they protect your front and back.

Cards placed within a container have the potential to make it thicker. In general, it is a well-liked design for a phone case, and demand for products of this kind remains high.

Leather Phone Cases

Phone cases made of leather are one of the most common and popular high-end styles available. They weigh the same and have a form factor compared to other gel, silicone, and hard cases. But they are constructed out of leather (real or PU leather).

Some of these cases are produced by manufacturers using a rigid inner shell that is then covered with leather. The felt that lines the interior is done after the case has been constructed.

Other manufacturers construct them from leather with an inside layer similar to flex and not made of polycarbonate plastic. These cases are a popular choice for those looking for a high-end phone case and come in various colours and finishes.

Flip Phone Cases

Phone cases that fold over like a wallet are flip phone cases. It’s also possible for them to be flip wallet cases, or they might be flip cases without the wallet component.

Typically, they feature an inner shell made of polycarbonate. The front of the case folds vertically from top to bottom. This allows the case to open along the short edge. The fact that these cases have a leather-like appearance is one of the factors that contribute to their popularity.

In most cases, they are available in various colour options and offer protection for the devices’ front, back, and sides. However, their popularity pales in comparison to that cases designed in the form of wallets.

Phone Skins

Phone skins are a popular way to personalize a phone while protecting it from scratches. However, phone skins are not cases. They are often made of vinyl, which can have a matte or gloss texture, and are available in various designs.

They are easy to make, don’t cost too much, and have the potential to look pretty. Most people prefer cases that are a little bit more protective. Which is one reason they are not a very popular kind of protection.


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