What Should You Know about Lip Reduction: Are There Any Perks?

What Should You Know about Lip Reduction: Are There Any Perks?

6 September 2022

There are many procedures that can help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life. Lip reduction surgery or Reduction Cheiloplasty is a kind of cosmetic plastic surgery that aids in achieving a balanced relationship between your upper as well as the lower lip.  Actually, this Lip augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure that has the purpose to make your lips appear fuller. However, this surgery aims at decreasing the overall volume of your lips.

Though not as prevalent as lip augmentation, lip type reduction surgery is effective. If you look forward to having smaller lips, or in case you do not care for the outcomes from previous procedures. However, this lip reduction type of surgery is still considered absolutely safe overall when an excellent surgeon performs it.

The requirement of Lip Reduction Surgery?

Lip type of reduction surgery alters the posture of your lips by eradicating some sort of excess tissue that makes up their overall volume. The procedure includes removing an elliptical strip of even the tissue. However, there are specific modern variations such as the Bikini Lip Reduction. Even in which your doctor will change the shape of the overall tissue.

This removes the tissue from the lips to rejuvenate the appearance of the mouth and even your face. In most cases, this surgery is an elective type of one and your doctor is going to perform it at your request. However, this is not just for cosmetic reasons.

Some of the medical conditions such as poor speech, drolling, labial incompetence, or other challenges. Such as low self-esteem and social anxiety are a few of the reasons you would want such a procedure for. The commonest ones are Macrocheleila or even excessively prominent lips, Fistulas or even pits of the lower lip, as well as Double Lip. Moreover, a neurological disorder, Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome can also require this procedure.

Perks of Lip Lessening

Lip lessening is different from lip lift and even is a surgical procedure that gets performed only by a board-certified plastic surgeon. To alter or even uplift the facial features by a facial plastic surgeon. It aids in removing excess tissue or even substances that trigger lip deformity. And augmented facial harmony by balancing both the lips. It characteristically demands a local anesthesia agent, and is kind of an outpatient procedure, in most cases. You might require only one treatment, have little downtime and even there is no visible sort of scarring.

Who are the Candidates for this procedure?

This procedure is apt if you want to reduce the overall size of your lips to balance your facial proportions and even boost your self-perception. However, like any other sort of surgery, it is not appropriate for everyone.

You are a perfect candidate for this procedure case you are a non-smoker, have a good amount of overall health, do not suffer from any sort of mental illness, have stable body weight, and even have realistic expectations.

Who Should Avoid such a Procedure?

In case you are with more than 3mm intralabial space. Are not in a position to retract your lower lips, and drool. Because of overall poor facial muscle tone, then you should avoid such a procedure. Of course, you can talk to your doctor though about the exact condition.


To sum up, you can check out the lip and even nose plastic surgery cost in India and ensure that you get the best experience.

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