Pros and Cons of Electric Fire

Pros and Cons of Electric Fire

6 September 2022

Electric fire has always been an in-demand and popular amenity. They are now more adaptable than ever since you can select from exquisite fireplaces fueled by wood, gas, or electricity. Every fireplace has distinct advantages; however, electric fire facilitates countless benefits to its users. There are plenty of electric fires available in the market, however, do not get confused with the options and select from a reliable store that offers high-quality electric fire Ireland. This blog further entails the pros and cons of electric fire so keep reading to discover everything you need to know before installing electric fire in your space.

A-List of the Pros of Electric Fire

  • No Fumes

Electric fire does not emit toxic gases that can be harmful to your health. If a person does not have proper ventilation and does not clean their gas fire, it might cause carbon monoxide poisoning. However, if you opt for an electric fire, you can rest assured that it does not cause toxic fumes.

  • Calm your Nerves

Another top benefit of installing an electric fire is that it is beneficial to your health. It creates a cozy and warm ambiance and helps you calm your nerves. To unwind your day, it is the perfect way to let out your stress and enjoy a warm atmosphere.

  • Easy Maintenance

The electric fire is easy to maintain as it does not emit smoke and fumes. The user just needs to clean the dirt that accumulates over a period of time. Cleaning with a damp cloth is enough to use the electric fire efficiently and without any hassle.

  • Easy to Install

The users do not have to worry about the expensive installation as it is easy to set up. You just have to simply plug in the electric fire and you can use it immediately. You do not have to call an expert to set up the electric fire as you can do it yourself.


Discover the Cons of Electric Fire

  • Cannot be Used When No Power

An electric fire cannot be used when the power is out. It can only be used when there is electric power. So make sure there is power in your area to use the electric fire.

  • Shorter Span

Electric fire has plenty of pushing electrical and mechanical components, so the lifespan of an electric fire can be extensively shorter as opposed to other types of fireplaces, such as wood and gas fire.

  • Noise

Another disadvantage of using electric fire is that it causes a lot of noise. To circulate the heated air in the room, an electric fire needs to utilize a blower and these blowers can be loud.

Laois Stone & Stoves is one of the leading stores that provide its customers with a premium range of electric fires to suit the distinct preference and needs of each client. They aim to offer 100 % customer satisfaction by offering them plenty of options to select from and high-quality electric fire packed with advanced features and aesthetic appeal.

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