How Did Curb Make Itself a Million-Dollar Business?

How Did Curb Make Itself a Million-Dollar Business?

5 September 2022

The taxi industry has seen a great evolution in the last two decades, and these services are getting better with each passing day. However, Uber has acquired the market for the longest time, so you can always see their battle with other services like Uber vs. Lyft, Ola vs.Uber, and many more. 

Though amidst these competitions, there is a Taxi app that has paved its way to success, and the name of it is Curb mobility. A taxi-hailing app that has made itself a multi-million dollar business in the dominance of Uber-like app services. In this article, we will see the foundation story and various reasons the Curb is making itself different from others.

First, let’s briefly view the foundation story and know the founder’s roots.

Foundation Story of Curb

Curb taxi is a venture started by the entrepreneur Amos Tamam who has embarked on a deep-rooted taxi industry journey. However, Curb was under a different name in the market for a longer period. Still, it found its roots in 2018 after separating the Verifone transportation tools from Verifone Inc. Right now, Curb mobility is constantly achieving new heights every day as its success is accelerated by years of industry experience and an urge to make the hailing taxi services convenient for the users.

Now, let’s move on to the different reasons why Uber-influenced customers began to tilt toward Curb mobility. 

Different Reasons: Why the Uber-Dominated Industry Moved Towards Curb. 

These are the different reasons why the Uber-inclined customers moved towards Curb taxi and what unique it is offering to the customers, let’s find out; 

  • Continuous Advancement in Technology:

Curb is always on the route to researching how it will make its services consistently better for the customers. However, the services offered by Curb are not limited to traditional taxis. It has expanded to various riding services. In the case of improving services, the best example will be Curb making the credit card services available for the user to pay conveniently.

  • Gaining the Trust Is the Key:

As gaining trust is the key, Curb already knew it, and following the same, it connected with the various market taxi cab operators to help them adopt the new tech services. Hence, more drivers are connected to the company, making the hailing of the taxis easier for the users.

  • Founder’s Prior Taxi Industry Experience:

Amos Tamam, being in the taxi industry for years, had known every nuance of the market, which made it even smoother for the company. It is one of the main reasons the company can put its ‘A’ game from the start and establish its position in this business.


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  • Concentration on Paying Good to the Drivers:

Curb adopted a new strategy of paying a good share to its drivers to make them stick with the company for longer durations. It does not mean it charges a higher fare than Uber or Lyft; its innovative method retains higher payments to its drivers.

  • Partnering With Uber:

It was a shocker, but a wise decision for the company as Uber’s customer base can grab a ride through both apps. Moreover, we all know that Uber has such an extensive base of users, so it will be fruitful for the company’s growth if they acquire their attention. Even though Uber is a competitor, Curb’s members know that making this partnership is beneficial for the app’s growth.

  • Pro-drivers Give the Best Service:

As we all know, Curb is in a constant connection with the taxi cab operators, so their pro drivers are beneficial because it gives assurance for the prolific services to the users. Hence, the pro drivers are also important to the company’s growth.

  • Consistent Growth in the Users:

The consistent approach of adding something new and convenient for the users has made it possible to have consistent growth in the users of the Curb mobility app. Since the pandemic, this taxi-hailing app has seen no recession in the company’s user chart, and after the partnership with Uber, it has gone even higher than expected.

How to Build a Successful App Like Curb?

As we know, the competitor’s growth in the market of the taxi app industry. So, to stand out from the crowd is essential, for which you will need a proper taxi app development solution.

However, it is a profitable idea as the industry is in the urge of constant innovation and progress. In the foreseeable future, it will be fruitful to have a digitalized taxi app business. Since there are various taxi app solutions, as an app owner, you can quickly figure out the ongoing demand that is prevailing in the market. As innovation is the key to success, you can accurately opt for these taxi app services in the market for the better future of your business.


“Taxi-hailing apps have changed the world – and people’s lives! It’s easy, quick, and – if you’re not caught in a snowstorm, pretty reasonable.”

Taxi-hailing apps were quick for users to adapt but needed more flexibility in services. Curb is making Urban mobility much more flexible through its variant services as they have a large network of taxis that allows the users to commute without hassle. Moreover, the network connects over 100,000 drivers across the USA and UK, which has added more potential for advancement to this taxi app. 

In this article, we have seen the Curb and its various reasons for making its mark in the taxi app industry. So it will always be a fruitful idea to go digital in the taxi app industry. Such as the Curb has paved the path to success through all this competition. Being a taxi business owner, you can also be a part of this evolution by providing more fruitful solutions for the on-demand taxi app users.

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