What are common challenges faced in digital adoption of Microsoft?

What are common challenges faced in digital adoption of Microsoft?

5 September 2022

Digital transformation is a top-of-mind topic for many organizations today. A recent survey found that 93% of businesses are currently transforming their digital business operations. Organizations need to look at the entire ecosystem to succeed in this transformation. One key area is often overlooked due to the complexities involved in Microsoft adoption. 

Even though there are plenty of great benefits from an end-user’s point of view, there are also several digital adoption obstacles faced by companies adopting Microsoft. Let’s look at some common challenges businesses face in their digital transformation journey and how they can overcome them together as partners.


Microsoft ecosystem is complex

The Microsoft ecosystem is complex enough in itself. Addressing the challenges faced by an organization looking to transform its business into a complex ecosystem is no mean feat. However, it needs to be done. If an organization is not clear on how to implement the foundation of its transformation strategy, the journey will be challenging, if not impossible. 

It’s important to note that the Microsoft ecosystem includes both software and cloud services. All these different components combine to create an environment where businesses can thrive. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how they work together.

Regarding the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s essential to understand that you can’t just focus on the software. Businesses must look at the complete ecosystem when they look to transform their operations. Therefore, the digital transformation journey must start with the ecosystem and focus on the software. The ecosystem is where the business and its partners get the best value out of it.


Microsoft software isn’t up to date

When you invest in a particular software solution, it’s important to understand that when you’re ready for that transformation, that solution will be up to date. However, in the transition phase, it’s important to note that Microsoft software isn’t up to date. And that’s a big challenge. 

One study found that only 20% of large organizations currently use the latest Microsoft software. This poses a challenge because if you’re looking to transform your business, you must make sure you’re using the latest and greatest software available. Not all the latest software is required, but you must have at least most of your processes modernized using the latest software.


Vendor lock-in means change is hard

Another challenge businesses face when they’re looking to transform is vendor lock-in. This is because when you’ve decided to start transforming your business and use a particular software solution, it’s important to understand that you’re locking yourself into that vendor. 

If you want to make changes in the future, you’ll need to start from scratch. It’s important to note that vendor lock-in isn’t as big a deal for SMBs as it is for large organizations. However, it’s still a challenge to overcome for smaller businesses. 

When a company is small, it’s important to note that they have a minimal budget and don’t have enough time to learn new software. Consequently, they have to choose an existing solution and then work on improving the entire digital experience using Microsoft.


Tough learning curve for new users

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when trying to transform their businesses is the learning curve. It’s important to understand that when you’re trying to implement a new solution, it’s not just the technology you need to learn. It’s the entire ecosystem as well. It’s important to note that the digital transformation journey is not just about the new solution but about improving your customers’ entire digital experience.

Consequently, you must ensure that your employees are trained to use the new Microsoft solution and understand how it impacts their daily work. To make this even more challenging, it’s not just one solution that you need to learn. It’s multiple different solutions and the way they work together. Consequently, you need to learn the new solution with all their specific nuances and how they work together.


Microsoft integration isn’t seamless

Another challenge businesses face when they’re looking to transform the lack of seamless integration between the software and the cloud service. To implement the digital transformation, you need to ensure that the software is up to date and modernized. Consequently, ensuring you’ve implemented a solution that works for your organization is essential. 

However, what happens when you implement a solution that isn’t up to par? As a business owner, you might feel like you’ve failed because you’ve tried to implement the transformation strategy. It might feel like you’ve tried, but it hasn’t worked out. It’s important to note that if your implementation isn’t seamless, it’s not the fault of the transformation strategy.


Data integrity is essential but not a priority for most businesses

Businesses need data to transform but don’t always prioritize data integrity. Consequently, they might lose data, or they might introduce errors while they’re converting. It’s important to note that the transformation journey is a long process, and you must ensure that you’re focused on the bigger picture. 

However, it’s not just about transforming your infrastructure, it’s about transforming your business as well. Consequently, you must ensure you’ve implemented an approach that creates value for your customers. It might be an approach that makes your business more effective or efficient.


Businesses often struggle with their digital transformation journey. It’s a complicated process that’s challenging for all the stakeholders involved. However, it’s essential to stay focused and work towards transforming your business. 

The transformation journey is important for future growth and the business’s survival. It’s important to remember that there aren’t any quick fixes. It’s important to ensure you take the time to understand all the challenges you’re likely to face. Doing so will help you prepare for them, navigate them, and ultimately overcome them.

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