How To Keep A Sofa Looking Brand New

How To Keep A Sofa Looking Brand New

5 September 2022

Sofa is a piece of furniture that bears the brunt of traffic as one watches movies, plays with pets, or throws parties for guests, etc. 

Normally the lifespan of a sofa lasts from 7 to 10 years but if you take proper care of it then you can easily make your sofa more durable. People keep looking for ways to receive their sofas and couches, which are both easy and effective. There are a lot of ways to make this task possible. Today, at Plush Furniture, we will give you the best ideas to keep your sofa looking brand new.

Different Ways To Keep A Sofa Look Brand New

Most of the people make many mistakes while applying different methods to make their sofa upholstery look neat, clean, and brand new. In this article you will learn the perfect ways to perform this task. Let’s take a look on these methods one by one:

  • Vacuum It On Regular Basis

You should clean your sofas on a regular basis. Because cleaning the small bursts on a daily basis is easier than giving a deep cleaning in a month. Try to vacuum the sofa regularly to keep it looking brand new.

  • Apply Conditioners 

There are a lot of conditioners available in the market as per the material from which the sofa has been manufactured. Try to get the most suitable conditioner and apply on the surface of the sofa to keep it clean and give a brand new look. When you take care of something it will never get older, so take as much care of your furniture as you can. 

  • Use Throw Blanket 

The best way to keep your sofa from getting any strain or dirt is to use the throw blanket over it. This will protect the surface of the sofa. Besides, if you match it with the color combination of your sofa then this will create a really fine and comfortable styling. 

  • Keep Stain Protector At Hand 

Sofa is the spot where we sit and have drinks, eat food, and do a lot of stuff, so it’s quite obvious that it will definitely get stains. The best way to deal with this problem is to keep the stain protector nearby. When something fell on the sofa you can easily clean it with this protector. 

  • Upkeep The Cushions 

Another effective method to keep your sofas looking tidy is to keep changing the positions of your sofa cushions, so that each side is equally utilized. Also, you can consider changing the covers of the cushions from time to time which also helps you to protect the surface of the sofa. This will make a nice look to your interior and will also keep it neat and clean. 

  • Place It On Right Position

Placing the sofa in the perfect position is necessary to keep it clean and brand new. For example if you put a sofa in a position where the direct sunlight falls on it then it would make its colors dimmer day by day. So, try to keep it in that area where sunlight will not affect its look. 

  • Protect From Pet’s Stains

Many people love to have pets at their home and they want to keep them nearby. If your pets play or cuddle on the sofa then there are a lot of chances for your sofa to get stains. First of all you should keep the pets away from the sofa or get a lint roller to clean the pet fur and mud stains. 

  • Cover Sofas During Social Events

Mostly there are social gatherings with friends and family which can cause your sofa to look dull and dirty. So, you should cover your sofas during such events to keep it looking brand new. There are a lot of sofa covers available in the market with numerous designs and colors or you can also get customized covers as per your preferences. This will make your interior look cool and will also protect your sofa from being damaged or looking dull. 

  • Get It Professionally Cleaned

You can also take your sofa to professionals to have it cleaned properly and make it look brand new. Many people don’t know the perfect way to clean their sofa, so instead of applying wrong methods, it’s best to get it professionally cleaned.  

Sometimes the sofa gets a mark or strain that couldn’t be cleaned at home. To avoid any further misconduct, you should consider professional treatment for it. They will remove those marks or strains and give a brand new look to your sofa. 


We hope that you have learned the best methods to keep your sofa looking brand new. In this article we tried our best to give the most effective solutions for this problem. Try to use all the methods mentioned above to get better results. This will not only maintain the look of your sofa but will also increase its lifespan. Get connected with us to get more solutions regarding upholstery or furniture problems.

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