How To Defeat Speed Of Light Shrine?

How To Defeat Speed Of Light Shrine?

5 September 2022

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a high-quality sport. Fans of the Zelda series love the twist that the developers created with Breath of the Wild, a huge open world that blanketed lots of characters to encounter, monsters to struggle with, and areas to discover. One of the maximum obvious additions to Breath of the Wild is the Shrine sprinting thru the land of Hyrule. While the 4 Celestial Beasts and Hyrule Castle serve as the primary dungeons in the sport, those “mini-dungeons” offer a spread of responsibilities in the shape of finishing obligations, fixing puzzles, and taking up demanding situations of varying issues. Present challenges.

One of the shrines that gamers are concerned about is the mysterious monk, Sheh Rata. The monk provides Link with a mission he has titled “The Speed ​​of Light”. That stated, allow’s consciousness on a walkthrough of a way to find, how to get in, and the way to finish the Shrine of Sheh Raat and its speed task.

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Sheh Raat Pilgrimage Place

Sheh Reta shrine is placed in the Lanayaru area. From the pinnacle of Lanayaru Tower, Link can appear to the west and he will see the temple growing out of the water on top of a hill. It is high-quality to mark this the usage of one of the colored pins from the scope of the Shekha slate to continue for short reference. From there, the player can use the paraglider to get Link to fly closer to the temple from the top of the tower and then make his manner through the water to the temple.



Once Link reaches the small island/hill where the temple is located, the participant will need to cope with the various lizelfos scattered around the location. Many players locate it more fun to apply Shekha armor and absolutely leave them at the back.


Once the area is cleared of enemies, gamers will locate that the Shrine itself is surrounded by means of thorny vines, which need to be burned to attain it. A fire arrow, campfire, or fireplace-based totally weapon can all accomplish this venture with minimum problem. Just set fire to a section close to the entrance of the temple and let it unfold. After a while, sufficient of them may be long past and Link can input the Shrine.

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Pro Tip: If Link has already carried out Revelry’s Thunderstorm after defeating the divine beast Wah Medoh, all the above can be skipped. Simply use Revelry’s thunderstorm to advantage peak and then glide over enemies and thorns to the temple entrance.


Sheh Raat Shrine Puzzle


Once Link enters the Shrine, go searching. The participant should immediately consciousness on 3 huge elements. On the left is a reciprocating switch, in the center of the place is a laser generator located above some Breath of the Wild water, and on the right is a crystal switch. A small quantity of experimentation with the rotating transfer will display that it moves the laser generator to special positions, relying on how an awful lot the hyperlink turns it. Some situations will purpose the laser to hit the crystal switch and in doing so the switch will change the water stage of the Shrine.


The first aspect Link will need to do is walk to the proper of the elevator and fall right into a ledge that has some opal-wealthy treasure on it. The participant can then hit the crystal transfer in any manner feasible with arrows, lasers, throwing guns, and many others. This will increase the water stage within the Shrine.


Now with the water growing, Link can use the Cryonis rune to make his manner to the Crystal Switch. Once there, Link can hit the switch to cause it. For delayed triggering, it is straightforward to accelerate one of the square bombs next to it so that after it detonates, the switch will be brought on. Now it is first-rate to depart the bomb near the transfer and pass it on in order that it could be induced later.

Link can now make his way to the opposite facet of the Shrine by way of either swimming or the usage of cryonics. On this facet of the Shrine, the participant will observe a place with a big pool of water and a metallic barrel. A look into the water will screen that a strain ground transfer is submerged underneath it.


Use the Cryonis rune to create a column of ice on the water on which Link can climb up and stand. This gives the Link a higher view of the crystal transfer and makes it less complicated to cause. From here, shoot the Switch with an arrow, with a view to causing it to drop the water.


With the water returned to its original role, carry the steel barrel with the magnetic runner or hyperlink itself and place it at the strain transfer. This will open the door for Sheh Reta, the monk of the Shrine.


Sha Warwo Shrine Breath Of The Wild

To the proper of the monk, there is a pit with little shallow water, a ladder, and a ladder with a chest sitting on it which can not presently be reached just above them. Now is the time to spark off the bomb positioned next to the primary crystal switch and make the water upward push again.


This might permit Link to use Cryonis over the now big pool of water to reach the chest. The chest holds a massive boomerang, a -surpassed Zelda weapon that does 25 damage in line with strike; It also can be thrown and stuck again with proper timing, because the call shows.


After commencing this chest, Link can continue to Sheh Reta and declare his Spirit Orb while finishing the Shrine.

How to Solve Sheh Rata Tirtha


From in which you began, turn proper, soar off the edge of the platform, and free up the treasure.

Go lower back to which you entered and spin the pointy wheel. He will circulate the platform alongside the laser so that the laser journeys the sensor and lifts the water.

Swim directly from where you started and input the room (now that the water has risen).

Use Magnesis to pick out up the barrel and region it within the water without delay above the underwater transfer. (To find the precise function, push the barrel underwater while you are protecting it with the magnesia, and then permit it to waft to the floor whilst it is in the area.)

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